About The Nomad Warrior

I was born in Colorado during the fifties, grew up in the sixties and still remember some of them.

I began technical climbing in the sixties, but I had been climbing anything I could find since I was a wee tot.

My travels began as an excuse to climb, but very quickly metamorphosed into a true interest in other cultures, different kinds of foods, photography, and always climbing.

I have a continuing love affair with southeastern Asia, having been to Thailand seven times, the Philippines eight times and all of the other southeastern Asian nations at least once– usually at least twice.

I prefer third world and developing nations because I feel this is where the adventure is.  These are also the places that truly humble me and put me in my place.  These are the places where I meet people with very little in the way of material possessions, yet are some of the happiest people to be found anywhere.

Currently, I have ticked off thirty-five nations on my quest for the century of  nations visited, only sixty-five left.

I have a dream of backpacking around Africa for a few years.

I also lived in the Caribbean for two years and have visited most central and southern American nations.

I began this blog with the encouragement of my daughter. Its purpose  is to hopefully give her some insight into both who her father is and also how I became the person I am today.



  1. Derric,

    Wow what a journey. We heard about it a month or two ago I guess but now are trying to follow you as you go. We heard from J&H of your hospitalization this week. Hope things are going better by now. I will keep you in prayer for healing, strength, wisdom and relief of your pain. We will be anxious to see you when you get here. Safe travel. God goes with you, before you, beside you and behind you. Julia

    • Hi Julia, I had no idea you were following my ride. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I know a lot of people out there are praying for me and sending me positive energy and that is a large part of why I am still alive. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, it has been way to long. Take care

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