Posted by: twistsoffeet | December 1, 2013

Misplacing my music and sense of Adventure

The other day I was sitting around bored and somewhat despondent. I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling this way. Yes my Arthritis was acting up more than it has recently and I work in retail again for the 1st time in 42 years, so there is not currently a plan or financial means to plan another adventure. But this was different, I knew something was missing that should have been readily available & I didn’t know what it was.
Suddenly or maybe slowly I realized I missed music. I mean my diverse music that hurts at times other times makes me want to dance & sometimes I even sing along with (sorry I do not share my singing because honestly it is not pretty). I miss the music that grabs me by the balls and either brings me pleasure or squeezes so tightly my other concerns failures and pains are inconsequential. This is music where a single note can twist your emotions in your stomach in such a way that you feel life coursing through your veins with fire and passion you had forgotten. At least that is the way it is with me.
Anyway I plugged in and started listening to Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” . Johnny is one of my favorites but I do have to be in the right mood to listen to him, there is something about his course textured voice that conveys pain & loss while still somehow gives hope & let’s you know true love exists.
I also listened to Mindy Smith’s come to Jesus which is so damn energetic & hopeful you just get lost in it’s intensity.
By this time I was feeling so much better I decided to listen to Los Lobos Good Morning Aztlan, one of my favorites and Ozomatli. Soon I was moving my feet and even got up and danced around the room a little, Latin music does this to me ever since I spent years living and traveling around Latin/predominately Hispanic countries.
Today has been even more diverse, I have listened to everything from Nina Simone and Tommy Bolin to Pearl Jam & the Neville Brothers to Robin Trower & the Reverend Horton Heat which doesn’t touch me powerfully but can somehow be a fun little release or interlude. Currently I am listening to the Buena Vista Social Club.
Somehow the simple act of rediscovering music that touches me physically and emotionally has also made me remember I did and do still have plans for an adventure. I still intend to ride the Tour D’Afrique, which will probably be my greatest adventure yet. It isn’t as though this dream adventure had been lost to me it is more that I had somewhat given up on it due to my current financial constraints (remember I still work in retail). But just listening to powerful music has the ability to inspire and re-energize one’s dreams, hopes and or goals.
For those who are thinking I am complaining about my job in retail, I am not, at least for the most part. I do not get paid nearly enough but I am able to look myself in the mirror and smile. I sell firearms and enjoy being able to touch beautiful works of art or technological works of engineering and design And smile at every one of them.
What this post is about is the ability of music to lift the soul and inspire. Music can make one feel and even if you only feel pain it is so much better than not feeling anything at all & any emotion is better than no emotion.
Hopefully the writers block that I have experienced for the last 1.5 years is a thing of the past and I will be able to put somethings out there that will inspire me by the simple act of putting my thoughts & dreams to paper “so to speak”.
So for now I return to the Buena Vista Social Club & planning my next Adventure.


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