Posted by: twistsoffeet | August 21, 2011

Still at it

No I have not quit riding or writing. I am still here and have all intentions of continuing this post and continuing riding my bicycle.
With that in mind a little update on what is going on in my life is in order. I did take 5 days off from riding so I could rest and try to get a little direction for my life going forward. Most of my rides were at least 32 miles and 1 was 63 miles.
Oh, and today I completed my first Colorado century. Today I rode 104 miles. I realized today that a century at over a mile high and with several somewhat challenging hills is substantially more difficult than a century at sea level on flat terrain. DUH ! This really is not a new revelation. So that having been said I have to admit that I am filled with pride as I sit here and think about today’s accomplishment.
One thing about riding over 100 miles in Colorado is it is far more interesting, at least to me than doing it anywhere else I have ridden. For one thing nowhere else has RED ROCKS Amphitheater. Today I started my ride a little before 07:30. It was a bit brisk out and honestly since my RA was making itself well known I was not sure how far I would be able to ride.
I hit the Bear Creek Trail and headed for Morrison and Red Rocks which is a 16 mile ride when I take some of the little side trails and loop around a little. I then reversed my route and headed back down the Bear Creek trail. When I hit the confluence of Bear Creek and the Platte I headed south on the Mary Carter Greenway towards Chatfield reservoir. Most of this section is uphill at a very low grade but still uphill. When I reached Chatfield I rode several roads and trails just enjoying being out there on my bike.  My RA was still barking at me but I felt strong enough to go for a century.
So back down the Mary Carter Greenway and on north towards downtown and Confluence Park. By this time it was a beautiful day for a ride and I knew I was within striking distance of my century so I once again reversed my path and headed back down to the Bear Creek trail.
I was feeling strong but definitely knew that I was going to have to work hard to complete my ride successfully. So once again my bike was heading for Red Rocks. Once again it was almost all uphill although most of it was low grade incline. Unfortunately when I hit the climb at Bear Creek Lake Park up and over the Dam I was hurting more than I would have liked. I kept going and soon was at Morrison and heading for Red Rocks. This is where I decided to show some mercy to my body and not head up the mountain. After all I did not need this distance for a century.
I am really glad I didn’t continue because climbing back up the Dam at Bear Creek Lake Park before heading down too Fox Hollow Golf Course was very difficult and my body was really screaming at me. Still I had no choice but to succeed and once on top it was all down hill from there. At least until the last quarter mile where I had one last climb for the day.
When it comes down to it I am ecstatic about completing my first Colorado Century. This was a huge accomplishment for me. I hope to continue doing this at least 1 time per week as long as the weather allows me.


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