Posted by: twistsoffeet | August 6, 2011

You would think I would have learned my lesson by now

Last night as I was sitting around at the church in Lingle where I was volunteering for the biker pit stop I was speaking with 1 of the other volunteers who was a told me about a shortcut that would cut 15-20 miles off of my journey and was about the same difficulty as far as hills go. He also said there would be far less traffic to deal with. He was absolutely correct about being far less traffic on this shortcut, but that was all he was correct about.
I took his suggestion even though I had my reservations about doing so. But he insisted he was a former bicyclist and since he was local knew what routes would be good for a cyclist. His shortcut added 10 extra miles to my ride today. I know I should have checked my map before I started riding but since when do ever follow a mapped out route. Sure I look at maps and get a general idea of where I want to go but then I put it away and don’t look at it again for a week or 2. If I would have checked the map this time I would have saved myself 10 miles on the 1st part of today’s journey. I also would have been riding on smoother roads with a shoulder and no sections where the asphalt had been removed entirely on the side of the road for my direction of traffic. I also would have had a 10 mile section of downhill to start my day rather than climb and down climb and down over and over.
Then on my final leg he had said if I had enough energy to go another 7-8 miles I would find a better place to camp than the 1st place he mentioned. He also was right about a better place to camp. But what was supposed to be 7-8 miles was 10.3 miles, the 1st 2 miles were pretty easy then I got hit with a brutal wind from the south east as I was heading directly south. This had all the worst elements of a headwind and crosswind.
Do I really think I have learned my lesson ? probably not!
The day started off at 05:00 in a rather funny way when the woman who ran the biker pit stop fell out of her hammock as she was waking up this morning. She fell with a crash and then her head popped up behind the hammock like a little chipmunk poking it’s head out of it’s whole. It really was funny but I am very happy she wasn’t injured.
We all got up and had a huge breakfast of pancakes bacon eggs sausage milk orange juice and oatmeal. I sure ended up needing all of those calories. I had also pigged out on pizza last night and was fully carbo loaded although it wasn’t the ultimate choice of carbs it sure did taste good.
All of the people I worked with at the biker pit stop were really great people very enjoyable to converse with and all worked hard to care for the needs of whoever needed their assistance. Many of the volunteers are local but 1 couple was from Canada and others came from other states to help or at least other cities or towns in WY.
I hit the road about 08:00 far later than intended but food and conversation were my priority at the time. I hope to come back and volunteer again in the future.
After 31 mile ride that turned into 42 miles I stopped at a bar in Hawk Springs, actually I think it is the only place in town that isn’t abandoned. I went inside and asked if there was a place to camp nearby and was given permission to camp in the yard behind the bar. I decided to have a coke when a woman I thought was a waitress walked up behind me and said I looked very hot and could she cool me down. About that time a bucket of ice water was poured over my head and down my back. I sure cooled me down alright. This woman went out side and got this super soaker like water gun and sprayed everyone who came in or out of the bar.
After a while she came back in and said I still looked hot and if I wanted to cool down she could spray me down better outside. So outside I went and was sprayed from a hose with very cold water. There was a biker chick there who kept commenting on how nice my legs were and how nice my butt probably was, suddenly she yelled out look he has T.H.O.. I had no idea what she was talking about neither did her boyfriend or husband so we asked her to explain. I will not say here but needless to say the cold water had an affect on my anatomy and her boyfriend and I nearly fell over laughing.
I stayed at the bar for a while outside getting cooled down and occasionally spraying the woman who had started it all and who I found out owns the bar. Suddenly I got my second wind and decided to go for another ride down the road, remember that 7-8 mile ride that turned into 10.3 miles. So off I rode into a beautiful sunny but not overly hot afternoon.
I finally made it to the Bear Mountain Stage Stop and that is where I will be camping tonight. The owner is very helpful and friendly and although I am not eating there they do have what looks to be a decent restaurant. I asked the owner if the name came came from a rock on the mountain that if looked at from 1 direction could look like a bear standing on it’s rear legs. He informed me that rock was called squaw rock by the Indians and they called the mountain in their own language Bare Mountain because there are no trees on the mountain. He also said some people may say it is because of the rock but they would be incorrect.
I exerted far to much in the headwind today and my ankle and knee joints are all inflamed from my RA. All my joints are inflamed but those are the worse. My hands are also having a lot of pain and this post is very difficult to type. I have no idea how I will feel tomorrow but I have to ride 53 miles tomorrow. Thatis my goal and I must succeed. So off to bed I go with the hope my pain does not keep me from sleeping soundly


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