Posted by: twistsoffeet | August 5, 2011

Today I get to give back a little

I woke up this morning stiff and aching but after carbo loading at the free breakfast the motel provides got on the way full of energy for the ride. I was origionally going to ride only 23 miles to Jay EM but I found it is true due to the curvature of the earth it was all or at least mostly downhill and I had a tailwind so after 23 miles I decided to ride another 27 miles to Lingle WY.
I rode into town right past a church and didn’t see it from the direction I was riding. This 27 miles had been more difficult and after a 50 mile ride knew I probably couldn’t make it to Torrington so I stopped at the local police station and spoke to the local police woman who informed me I couldn’t camp at the park. The police woman did call the Baptist church and handed me the phone so I could speak to the Pastor. He informed me that they were hosting their annual biker pit stop for riders on their way to Sturgis. They provide water, breakfast lunch and dinner as well as showers and a place to sleep. He also let me know I would be welcome.
I went to the church and spoke to the Pastor and volunteered to assist for the day. I have been setting up furniture and the kitchen for the last 5 hours or so and will set up tents later and help in the kitychen or whatever they need me to help them with.
It is really nice to be able to help others for a change when so many people have helped me along my way on this tour and in my life. They apparently have been doing this for about 10 years and get all kinds of bikers as well as bicyclists like me and truckers.
My RA had abated a bit for a while but now that I have been sitting around typing this post. I have had an opportunity to talk to a number of people today about RA and it’s affects or symptoms. I have talked about the need to lead a healthy lifestyle stay active and moving.
Anyway today has been a good day overall and it is a pleasure to help others for a change.


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