Posted by: twistsoffeet | August 3, 2011

As the end of this tour approaches

As the end of this tour approaches I find myself somewhat conflicted. On the one hand I really want this to be over. I am tired sore and lonely for my family. On the other hand I do not want it to end. I feel as though I haven’t yet accomplished all the goals I was hoping to complete on this tour. I have seen this country in a fashion I have never seen it before and have met some really wonderful people not to mention the true characters I met. I put myself to the challenge and for the most part met that challenge head on.
But there is so much of this country not to mention the planet that I have yet to see. I haven’t yet brought my message that keeping active and leading a healthy lifestyle to manage the symptoms of RA to all the people I had hoped to bring that message to. And I still have my RA and it will never go away so I have no choice but to keep moving and active.
When I think of staying moving and active for some reason today I am reminded of a movie. I think it was called crank where a man was somehow given some sort of a poison or something (it has been a long time since I saw it) and he could never sleep because it would kill him so he had to keep his heart rate at an obscenely high level. Now I am not comparing my need to keep moving to the character in the movie but there are some similarities. The main thing that both he and I have in common is that if we stop moving our bodies will suffer. His body dies and mine hurts and stiffens up and my joints are destroyed.
So with that in mind I do not want to quit this tour. But there are other reasons also. I am not comfortable with the same old thing. I like new discoveries. One of my biggest joys is traveling. Not just any travel but travel where I am immersed in a culture other than what I am from. I love to experience new foods and languages, I love the colors of different cultures art. I know some people will find it strange but I enjoy the smell of different cultures, smells of food and nature. I can be blindfolded and taken secretly to a market in Vietnam or Guadalajara and by nose alone tell you what country I am in. I am certain after I visit India I will be able to identify it as well. They say that the olfactory senses are one of the most memory stimulating senses we are in possession of.
But I also love the struggle to communicate with someone when neither of us speaks a common language. I enjoy meeting new people and learning of their life and sharing my life story with them, even if we do not convey the story through a understandable verbal language.
I can not go back to the corporate world sitting behind a desk with the pain intensifying daily doing a job I hate. I will not be happy landscaping. What I want to do is travel and learn about this world and write about it. I enjoy watching travel television when I am able to do so and one of the people I find stimulating and interesting is Anthony Bourdain. I don’t want to be Him but what he does is what I dream of doing. Traveling to different places experiencing the culture the food the art and the lives of those he comes into contact with and then relaying the story of that interaction. What a life. I know millions of others also dream of doing that same thing so I have to figure out my own unique spin on how to do this and tell the story in an interesting manner. I could be happy doing that.
But still as the end of this tour approaches I look forward to seeing family and old friends. I look forward to going into my beloved Rocky Mountains and enjoying the smells and of caressing stone and getting high off the ground as I feel the air beneath my feet.
I really hoped I would have this all figured out by the time I finished this tour but apparently that isn’t the case with me barring some epiphinal moment.
Still I have shared my story of RA and how I manage the symptoms with many people on this tour. I hopefully have inspired someone out there to become active and lead a healthy lifestyle to manage their own pain rather than just giving in to the disease. I know that I have at least further inspired myself into keeping active. I am still weak from my illness in Missouri but that is getting slowly better and I am committed to staying active and healthy.
I did not ride today because I had done some laundry in a sink in the bathroom in the park I am in last night then hung everything out to dry. Mother nature decided to play a trick on me and it rained last night heavily so all my clothes including riding shorts were still wet this morning. It is still somewhat overcast and rain is again expected tonight but hopefully I can get out of here tomorrow. I actually started to write this post earlier today because to be honest I have no expectations of anything happening that will urgently need to be written about today. But my RA was extremely active this morning and although I was able with effort to climb out of my tent dragging my laptop case with me and stumbling stiffly over to a shelter with electricity, I was unable to get my fingers to work. The pain in my hands was to intense to type so instead I slept through the cool damp morning listening to music while trying to concentrate on something other than my pain.
Anyway here I am still in Harrison Nebraska with nothing to do except relax and type out this post. Since that doesn’t take all that long to accomplish I have also been torturing myself by surfing the web checking out different cooking sites such as my favorite and torturing myself by reading recipes that I am obviously not in a position to attempt at this time. Still I am happy as I sit here bored listening to my music and dreaming about delicious food.



  1. And how will you celebrate your finish of the trip? So much to be proud of, so much knowledge gained and shared and so much more traveling to do 🙂

    • I honestly have no idea how I will celebrate other than spend time with family and friends.

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