Posted by: twistsoffeet | August 1, 2011

I needed today

I woke early this morning and decided I really did not want or feel up to riding so I went back to sleep. Soon it started to get warm enough that staying in the tent was not an option so I went up to the park pavilion and checked email and some other things online. That is when I met the pastor of the local congregational church who invited me to services in the park. Apparently 1 Sunday every year the church has a service in the park and today was the day.
I agreed to attend the service and then the pastor said they would be having a meal after the service and I was invited. I decided to clean up a little and shave which I hadn’t done for a couple of days and then headed back to the pavilion where a country gospel music group was setting up for the service.
The service started with the band playing and then some other hymns half of which I had never heard of before. But the message in the service was what I believe in and needed to be reminded of and that is of Gods love and sacrifice for his children who believe. I usually do not get into my faith in these posts but sometimes it is important to say what you believe in. Today is such a day.
Anyway I enjoyed the service and the music and the people welcomed me sincerely. I met a woman who grew up in the same basic part of Denver as I did although she went to a different high school 11 years after I did but we talked about some things that stimulated my memories.
Then We had lunch of fried chicken pasta salads spaghetti and meatballs salad egg salad potato salad and lots of beans and more dessert than I needed. I do think I pigged out a little to much because I still hurt in my stomach. But it was all so good and solid food is so enjoyable when a person has been on a mostly liquid diet.
After eating they had a horseshoe pitching tournament which I was invited to participate in. Now please understand I haven’t pitched a horseshoe since 1995 and before that day it was probably 20 more years so needless to say my expectations were not that high. But I fooled myself and for the first 3 rounds my partner George and myself were undefeated. Then we cooled off and were beaten in the 4th round before totally chocking in the next round. But the good thing is that I had a lot of fun and met quite a few friendly good people. It was another fantastic day.
Everyone has left now although there are other people in the park. It is way to early to sleep but the flies are now gathering in force so my plans for the next 3 hours are up in the air. I know though that I will sleep well because I am very relaxed.
When I woke this morning my RA was uncomfortable but not overwhelming and I was able to work through it with little difficulty. After getting eliminated at horseshoes and sitting around for a while I became quite stiff and moving is now a bit painful.
I firmly believe that the symptoms of RA are intensified by stress and negative emotions and improved by eliminating that stress and keeping emotionally positive. Keeping that in mind tomorrow should be a very good day for riding with a minimal amount of RA pain. I will be rested well fed spiritually nourished and positive with my emotions which is for me a winning combination.



  1. Derick,
    So glad to finally find you!!! After I went to work, I forgot about your blog (not you, though. I prayed for you off and on the rest of the day). George stopped by the pool to pick up his daughter and gave me an update on the horseshoe tournament!! I was so thrilled to know you joined in on the fun. I was able to participate last year (didn’t do so well, but, as you said, it really is the fun the matters!).

    I was thinking of you throughout this week. I thought I lost the paper with your blog address on it. I was really bummed, because I’m having problems with a faulty memory (too much sun turning my dishwater blond hair into more bleach?? or, perhaps I’m just joining the ranks of the “older”…)

    Well, I suppose you will never guess what I finally uncovered today… I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    Have a very blessed day!

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