Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 31, 2011


Today started with a struggle but it did get better. I was awake until about 03:00 last night with very high winds threatening to carry my tent away with me in it. I calmed down about 04:30 when I got up and decided I had better make a break for it while I was able.
I started riding at about 06:30 after working some of the stiffness from my joints but it was still a difficult ride. I ran into a headwind about 2 miles after I started and it did nothing but get a little stronger. Still it wasn’t a terribly difficult ride and it did have it’s high points like the herd of Antelope mixed with mule deer 100 feet from the road. And yes I did say mule deer not white tail deer.
As I entered the town of Crawford I noticed 2 things. The first was that they welcomed campers in their park for free and the second was that today was the Peabody Hay’s fiddle contest at the park.
I went to the park which is very nice except it doesn’t have showers but I will make do. Water is available but not as easily as some other parks and the bathrooms are quite far from the camping. still at least I wasn’t being threatened with arrest for camping there. I quickly set up cam much earlier than normal for me since I was uncertain how much traffic would be in the camping area and I wanted to secure a place for me. All for nothing as I appear to be the only person camping at the park.
The fiddle contest was actually a contest with categories of singing, fiddling, and miscellaneous which included harmonica mandolin and even accordion. It was a decent contest with some talent and I did enjoy all I watched even though most needed a fair amount of work and practice it was still very enjoyable and the musicians enjoyed playing which is what matters most.
There was a local country band that played and they were not bad.
Then the magic happened. A Trio of family members called Dyer Highway from Delta Utah got on the stage. Now keep in mind this is a rustic stage with a metal roof and metal building supporting it. An open air concert in a small town park. The trio consisted of a 14 year old girl with a great voice who played mandolin and bass her brother who is 18 who sang with a very good voice and played guitar and their sister who played fiddle and sang with this absolutely incredible voice that made my jaw drop and my ears tingle with pleasure. Oh by the way this sister is 15 years old and when she played the fiddle or sang she blew me away. They performed a long set of about 30 songs from old country like the streets of Laredo The Devil went down to Georgia (you know Charlie Daniels tune) and Orange Blossom Special as well as many newer songs many of which the Male wrote. They finished with a song I had never heard called Traveling soldier that their mother joined them on stage for and also did a song with a 5 or six year old relative female playing fiddle and she even impressed me.
My Ra was really bothering me but music does seem to sooth this savage beast at least in me sometimes. I do think I need to rest before this next section of road since I hear there is a big hill coming up in a couple of miles, but who knows tomorrow will tell.
The only problem right now is the train that comes by every half hour blowing it’s or their horn but I can deal with that.
I also ran into an older gentleman today that reminded me of my grandfather but was a bit more frail than I remember my grandfather. This gentleman had difficulty opening the door to the restroom and I helped him get out then he was having much difficulty making his way back to his chair where his wife waited for him. So I assisted him both giving him support when needed and directing him and also helped him into his chair. I would have wanted someone to help my grandfather like that also.
I forgot to mention for humors sake the bird that crapped on my shoulder while I was watching the singing contest today. See the day did have a small negative point but nothing I couldn’t wash off.


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