Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 29, 2011

Not much going on here

I woke early and packed quickly because the automatic lawn sprinklers were beginning to come on at the church where I was staying. It would have been nice to know about them before this morning but then watering the lawn is not 1 of the pastors duties and he probably didn’t have a clue about how or when the lawn gets watered.
It was cold and damp this morning which as all of us non medical people know does affect pain and stiffness in RA sufferers. I had to wear a heavy fleece pullover when I began my ride but soon I was sweating profusely although when I took it off I was freezing in the cold damp windy weather.
I made it a total of 19 miles today when it started to rain and I took refuge in a small cafe in Rushville NE and had a cup of coffee and several refills which I am really beginning to regret about now. I sat around spoke to a few locals and waited for the weather to clear up which it started to do several times and just as I was getting ready to go back out it would start raining again.
Finally I asked about local camping opportunities and was told that it might be possible to camp at the local park. I headed for the park which is pretty nice with water shelter and electricity. Unfortunately the toilets at 2 of the 3 bathroom buildings in the park were all blown up by pranksters on the 4th of July. There is still 1 bathroom building with operational toilets though but it is a little distance from where I am camped.
At the park I ran into the head caretaker Phil who said it is perfectly alright to camp in the park. I waited for a break in the weather then set up my tent just in time for the next round of rain. It has rained off and on and off all morning and although I had thought it was all cleared up for the day it now looks like another round may be coming in. At least my tent is already set up.
I really do not mind staying here because I was not looking forward to a 50 mile ride today. Instead I will relax listen to music  and not stress about the weather.
The sun has now come out and with it the flies and kids. The flies are unwelcome but the kids are welcome and seem to find me interesting. A whole group of them were here with their mothers one of whom had been my waitress when I had coffee this morning. The kids decided to descend on me in mass just to find out about this stranger in the park. They all checked out my tent and sleeping pad and asked all kinds of kid questions such as does it get scary at night in my tent and do I get wet when it rains. They were all curious and I tried to be positive about their curiosity.
After the one group of kids left another group showed up and had to check me out then they went to play. Then I heard one of them say to another go ask the guy in the tent if he can help but the little girl was apparently not sure if she should ask me for help. I called out and asked what they needed and it turned out 1 little 6 or 7 year old girl had gotten stuck in a tree and needed help to get out so I came to the rescue and helped her out of the tree.
I have recently been without any source of light at night because when I was changing batteries I apparently dislodged a little spring that was attached to an electrode that completed the electrical circuit. I had searched and searched for said spring and figured it was lost forever but today even though I had shaken out my tent several times it suddenly appeared. Now I have light again and what is funny is that it works better now than when new.



  1. I swear there is a gremlin that steals things and then just like a prankster makes it suddenly show up. That was nice of you to help the little girl out…maybe it is karma.

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