Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 27, 2011

A big storm last night

After riding from Valentine yesterday I was relaxing trying to just shake off the arthritis pain that was making my life less than enjoyable and I decided to take a shower and do some laundry. It was a bright sunny day when I entered the shower, in fact it was hot very hot. When I came out the sky on the western horizon was dark and ominous. As I was watching the sky the dark clouds were moving rapidly towards me. The wind suddenly intensified and the big trees in the park began to sway too and fro. I continued to watch the dark storm clouds racing towards me, not wanting to get in my tent until it actually began to rain hard. Then the storm arrived and the sky just opened up and poured.
I decided it was time to get in my tent and stay dry. Even though it was only 6:00 P.M. it was dark outside so I tried to sleep, and succeeded. An hour later I suddenly was awoken by voices outside my tent when I heard a voice say that there was another bike here. I called out to the new arrivals and one of them asked me to come out and greet them so I got dressed warmly and crawled out of the tent and under the shelter to avoid the storm as much as possible.
My new neighbors were Jose who is riding around the country and eventually too Argentina on a mission to raise money to dig water wells in Africa. He has a blog and I should be receiving his blog info soon and will pass it on for those interested. My other new neighbor was Kevin who is also on a mission but his mission is to travel to all 48 of the contiguous United States with a Cross on his trailer. His blog site is He does a lot of radio and newspaper interviews and shows.
We stayed up for a couple of hours watching the storm and talking before I went back to sleep. They stayed up waiting for the storm to abate a little so they could pitch their tents.
When we got up in the morning there were several good sized limbs that had fallen to the ground in the park but fortunately no damage. The wind was quite strong and coming from the east where Kevin and Jose were heading so they decided not to ride today. I had already decided not to ride because my Arthritis was telling me I needed a break and we all know I always listen to what my body is telling me.
They gave me some instant oatmeal for breakfast then Jose decided to fix some pasta which they also shared with me. We all sat around talking for a while doing little chores when they decided to go to the local restaurant for a spaghetti buffet. I stayed in the park and replaced the tube on my trailer and ate some peanut butter and a protein shake. And then 1 x 1 we all settled into relaxing naps. When I awoke to the voice of Kevin and Jose they seemed rushed so I crawled out of my tent to see them packing hurriedly. The wind had changed and it looked like they may be able to make it to Valentine with the wind at their back before it rained. So at about 4:30 P.M. mountain time they departed after we all prayed. I wish them well and a very safe and blessed journey wherever they may go.
So now I am alone again in the park with just my arthritis to keep me company and maybe Cooper will return also. Cooper is a six year old little boy who seems to be the head of the local visitor and tourism bureau. he can tell you anything you want to know about the town and is seemingly related to every person we saw today. His mother runs the local AG supply store where he took us to buy some Pepsi and 7UP. Cooper’s birthday was yesterday and he got a new BB gun and he had to tell us about the Mountain Lion or Bobcat he had shot with his previous BB Gun. IOt seems Cooper has a very vivid imagination like most kids his age and his company was enjoyable to all of us today.
Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling strong and relatively pain free so that I will be able to ride strong. I also really hope that I have a strong tailwind to help push me along.



  1. Hope all is well keep on moving ! Blessings Kevin

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