Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 24, 2011

I couldn’t help myself

I was able to obtain a few dollars today so I decided to treat myself and have a real meal today. I know some people probably think that Pizza Hut is not the most nutritious place to eat but for me today it was a pure gastronomic delight. I went for the Luncheon pork fest buffet. You would think that everyone there was starving the way they were eating. I know I haven’t had solid food for about a week so I expected to pig out. But I didn’t expect to see half the population of northern Nebraska pigging out like it was their last meal ever. Even the 2 women who were probably around 70+ years of age went back 4 and 3 times respectively. I was only able to go back for seconds and the plates were actually small plates.
I didn’t just eat pizza I ate a salad with all the goodies they had available and I had 3 types of pasta salad as well as pizza, and I didn’t have any dessert. I was pretty proud of myself for not eating any sweet dessert’s.
The patch I used on my tube yesterday held and there is no sign of leaking at this time so that is at least not an issue. I only rode 19 miles today and it was all flat except for about 2 miles in an area they call Long Pine. I did however have to do battle with a moderate headwind the whole way.
I am in a park in Ainsworth Nebraska and it seems to be a pretty decent little park. They have the towns football/soccer field and a running track around the field that is asphalt surfaced. There is also a baseball diamond,  basketball courts, batting cages and some facilities that I honestly have no idea what they are used for. There are quite a few sheltered picnic areas, a camping area with RV hookups and a swimming pool. There are several restroom buildings some older and some new and some no longer in use and there are supposed to be shower facilities but those are now closed.
Fortunately the pool has showers and since I had to pay to camp and shower I decided I would escape the heat by just sitting and relaxing in the pool. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I honestly enjoyed sitting in the pool although it was a bit warmer than I would have liked and it wasn’t an ocean complete with massaging waves that just caress and massage a tired body. The biggest issue is that it wasn’t a good place to relax as an adult. Kids running around screaming and yelling and jumping into the water is just not relaxing. Don’t get me wrong I think this pool was exactly the way it is supposed to be, a place where kids can socialize and exercise in a controlled environment. Little municipal pools like this are for the kids not guys like me so it definitely was not geared towards a relaxing escape for tired middle aged bicyclists. Still it felt good. I do have 1 other issue with the pool, kids kept eating candy and throwing their wrappers in the pool or on the ground near the pool so there was entirely too much debris floating in the pool.
I spoke to a man who apparently is the caretaker/maintenance person here in the park and received permission to camp somewhere other than the campground. The reason I did this is 2 fold. The first reason is that there are now a couple of large trailers in the camp area and that means air conditioners and associated noise. The second reason is that there is another guy camped in a tent there. This other guy has a little six month old chocolate lab and Husky mix but that isn’t the issue. This guy was born and raised here but then moved to Grand Island where as he put it there are too many gangs drugs and drive by’s. The guy is probably about 25-30 years old covered with tat’s both gang tat’s and other tat’s and battle scars. But this guy although he seemed nice enough is on another planet. I am quite certain he is or was a huffer. I didn’t see any paint on his face or hands but he had all the signs and very few brain cells left. Judging from the looks of his teeth meth was also an issue. Now far be it from me to place judgement on such people but I do not want to associate with anyone involved in that lifestyle. Also I have to be cautious and protect myself and that also means staying away from such individuals. Hopefully when he returns to the park he will not see where I have pitched my tent.
I need a good restful nights sleep and I hope my arthritis is not flaring up tomorrow. The next town that I can count on having a place for me to camp is 45 miles away and is also at the end of the Cowboy Trail at least the finished sections of the trail. I actually have abandoned the trail due to it’s sad state of repair and maintenance as well as the crushed limestone surface which is very difficult to ride on.



  1. Safe journey! And yes, by all means go with your gut instincts and run, don’t walk from anything you sense might mean trouble…regardless of the number of legs it may be carrying around 🙂 Hope you make it the next destination. Cheering you on!

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