Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 22, 2011

At a loss for words

Like my daughter it is rare that I am at a loss for words, at least on paper or computer. But today I am at a total loss for words. Frankly I really do not want to write this post today. The reason is that it seems pointless to write and say nothing. Yes I can say I got up and left the park quickly after being attacked by mosquito’s the size of predator drones. These were the largest mosquito’s I have ever seen and if just a few more would have shown up they could have carried me away to feast on at their leisure I could also mention that last night I spoke to a man who told me that there are both Bobcat’s and Cougars in the area. I was woken about 01:00 by a barking rodent outside my tent. ?his owner was apparently to lazy to walk him so he was just let out to wander the park and disturb all the campers. The little dog was very disturbed by something near my tent. I thought I heard a low growl and the little rat dog tucked his tail and ran home. I honestly do not know if he made it because I did hear a yelp and then silence.
Anyway I only rode about 20 miles today. I would have ridden further but the next town where I could be certain of finding services such as water and a park to camp in was another 31 miles and a 50+ mile day was not in the cards for me today.
SO now I have been sitting in this park in Atkinson Nebraska since 10:30 this morning bored to death. Out in the middle of nowhere Nebraska with nothing to do except sleep. I did get online and surf the net for awhile just checking to see what is out there but it honestly did not serve up the intellectual and human interaction that I need. I did speak to 1 little girl and her mother and her mother after the little girl got her knees caught in the grid of a fence on a play tower/slide in the park. The mother was unable to get her daughter free from the fence so I went to help her and was able to barely flex the rail enough for the little girl to get free. And then it was over.
A little while later 2 guys from Waterloo Iowa came into the park. They are riding to San Francisco CA on their bikes. But they also have a car and 1 rides while the other drives. They each ride about 35 miles a day on a bike with no baggage just the rider and some water and maybe a tire repair kit and pump. The next tour I do I want to do it like that. It would certainly be less physically demanding than the way I am doing it. I think that maybe I am a little jealous of those guys.
It did cool down today and it is now the hottest it has been all day at 85 degrees and there is a nice strong breeze blowing. Still I am bored and ready for this to be over. Not because of the ride but because of the loneliness. I tried speaking to some cows yesterday but they just do not have the intellectual capacity of horses and paid no attention to me. One or another would occasionally Moo but not at me and there was 1 calf that watched me the entire time I was riding by. I could just see in his face that he was baffled by this thing that was moving across his field of vision. I also think I noticed a bit of curiosity and jealousy on his or her part. The calf’s face just seemed to be saying that is really weird but I wish I could do it. Still it wouldn’t even attempt to say a word to me, not that I speak the local dialect of cow anyway.
Maybe I wasn’t at as much of a loss for words as I had thought.



  1. OK, I have only one word to say…moooooooving post 🙂

    • ThankMooooooooooooooooo I am glad you enjoyed it.

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