Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 20, 2011

Pure unadulterated laziness

Today my alarm at the hotel went off at 04:45 I woke long enough to say this isn’t going to work and reset the alarm for 05:30. Just as I slipped back into a pleasant dream my alarm went off again and once again I couldn’t bring myself to get up so I reset the alarm for 06:00 and slipped back into a blissful state of unconsciousness. When the alarm woke me for the third time I actually got up showered and began to pack. I even went so far as to put on my cleats. Then I watched the weather on the TV and saw that it was going to be hotter than yesterday and thought OH NO this just will not do. So off I trudged to the office of the motel and asked when my checkout time was and was told 09:30. I advised I was going to take refuge in the room until that time.
Unfortunately the cleaning woman who drove a Cadillac by the way decided to wake me at 09:00 and said she needed to get into the room and clean it. I advised her I had until 09:30 and was going to use all of that time. By then it was to late to sleep again so I packed and slowly kept sipping on cold water to fully hydrate myself.
Just out of spite I stayed in the room until 09:31 before walking out and giving access to the cleaning woman. I had no intention of pedaling in the heat today, one day of rest in cool air conditioning was just not enough to overcome a weeks worth of cumulative heat caused body degradation. So back I pedaled to the park I had been in 2 days before and settled in for the day under a shelter. I checked email and told my daughter where I was at and then curled up on a picnic table bench and relaxed.
Soon I was asleep and dreaming of cold drinking water and swimming naked in cold mountain streams. I also dreamed about eating good food like my mothers lasagne and maybe a good Pho Ga or Pho Bo or a good coconut milk Thai curry with shrimp or actually any type of protein. On and on I dreamed of crisp high mountain air and a strong massage by the surf in the Andaman sea. I dreamed alot about my girlfriend and how much I miss conversations with her. But mostly I dreamed of being in a cool air conditioned room drinking a cold glass of water with ice in it or maybe sweet tea and then going to sleep in a bed with a soft but firm mattress while a cool breeze kept me from drowning in my own sweat. I dreamed also of seeing my parents and daughter and grandchildren.
Then I woke to a stifling heat and humidity that even under the cover of the shelter roof was unbearable. So what did I do? I pulled out the old IPOD and cranked it up. I just rocked out. Before long I was moving and shaking (not necessarily a pretty site) and tapping my feet and clapping and drumming with my hands. Then it got really scary as I started to sing just carried away by the music that is so important and moving to me. Mostly older stuff Captian Beyond Tommy Bolin Traffic Jimmi Hendrix the band and a whole bunch of others before turning on some more Latin tunes and Latin inspired rock and roll like Los Lobos Ozomotly and Aventura (The Kings Of Bachata) and soon I was totally lost in the rhythms doing a little 2 step all by myself a little Meringue can go a long ways. I am really glad I was all alone and nobody saw or heard me, now that would be embarrassing and very hard to live down since I really am quite a shy and reserved type of guy.
I am hoping that even if my body isn’t up for a ride tomorrow my mind will at least be up for it. If my mind is there it can carry me through a lot of things my body tells me to give up on. There is a breeze right now but a breeze that blows humid upper 90 degree air at you really isn’t much relief, yes it may keep you from feeling quite so drenched in perspiration but it doesn’t do much for helping the perceived effect of the heat.
My hands are feeling pretty good so far as my arthritis is concerned but my lower body is pretty much all gelled up and tied in knots and wracked by a very uncomfortable aching that borders on pain. But OH Well I still have the music and as long as I can get lost in a little Tommy Bolin or Los Lobos or what I am currently listening to, Traffic “Shanghai Noodle Factory”, well then I will be able to deal with whatever comes along at least in the short term.
So I can say that today was the result of my pure unadulterated laziness or I can say that I know myself well enough to realize when I need to take a day and get my head in the right spot, at least that is what I hope I accomplished.



  1. Glad you stayed in the park. Keep safe, stay cool and don’t be a fool with this crazy hot weather. I want to keep reading your blog which means you need to keep a cool head about you and stay lo on these brutal hot days. Unfortunately the temps are due to stay up around many parts of the US. Got my eyes crossed for you that your area is not one of them. Safe, happy and most important, cool trails ahead! Mammy murph watching over you 🙂

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