Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 19, 2011

The unexpected

I woke up this morning it was hot already and I had no motivation for riding. I was hungry hot tired and I stunk, badly. I really to keep up on my hygiene so I am not offensive to others or myself. I didn’t stink last night, I had made an effort to clean up and deodorize myself. The problem is that with high temperatures that are hotter in my tent I just perspire intensely. I really did not start this post to brag a bout my odorous situation. I have a point that will be made shortly.
After gagging on my odor I washed up and then began to pack up so I could ride away into the hot sun again. That is when I discovered I had a flat front tire. In truth A flat tire is no big deal but today I am stiff and hurting besides the heat related issues and fixing the tire took more time than I normally would take. Much more time. By the time I finished it was 08:00 and getting very warm. I went to the local convenience store where I filled up my water bottles and then sat around dreading the prospect of going outside and riding in the blazing son.
That was when my daughter sent me a text warning me about the heat forecast for the day and expressing her concern about my safety in such heat. I really did not want to ride today and had just about decided to go back to the park and wait out the day under the shelter. I would still be very hot but the sun wouldn’t be burning me. Also I had full water bottles and had access to non-potable water to rinse off with at the park.
My daughter sent me another text saying a friend of hers contacted Pastor Kufhals at the local Lutheran church and that they would open up the church to me so I could get out of the sun. When I heard the name of the Pastor I thought the name was familiar but couldn’t place it. So off I pedaled to the church where I met the pastor still thinking I knew the name. I went inside and spoke to the pastor and discovered that he had served as vicar at the church I was raised in. I had met the pastor but never really knew him but my sister and brother in law knew him well.
We chatted off and on as I relaxed and he performed his pastoral duties. Then he asked me if I would like to go to subway for lunch and to which I agreed.
We went to Subway where I ordered a sandwich and ate half of it saving the rest for later, actually i was quite full at the time. We went back to the church where he informed the local ministerial alliance had the ability to put me up in a motel for the night. I was very relieved to have access to the motel along with a shower and air-conditioning.
I am now sitting in the motel very thankful that there are good people out in the world who are able and willing to help on occasion. I am thankful also for my daughter and her network of friends that seems to be everywhere. And I am somewhat in awe of just how small this world is.
I am now in the motel smelling sweet with a full stomach and watching the history channel. Tonight I can go to sleep early , like around 18:00 and get a really full night of sleep. I have access to electricity to charge my electronics and an alarm clock to wake me at 04:45 so I can be riding before 05:30.
My plan for the rest of the day is to load up (with the proper dosage) on Ibuprofen, I have a little of a special thermal lotion that I use sparingly on my knees and fingers and hopefully it will relieve some of the pain and stiffness in my joints.
Yesterday I had been full of dread and depression when faced with the task of riding in the extreme heat I am currently in the midst of. Now I still have concerns but knowing I will be more rested and hopefully more up to the challenge of riding tomorrow and the next few days. And all of this came about unexpectedly. It seems that whenever I have a genuine need my prayers are answered and my needs are fulfilled.



  1. I am sooooo glad you got a rest in the cool air conditioning. I was getting very worried about you. And I believe that angels walk this earth and it is apparent to me that the angels guided you on this day. Rest well…

  2. Glad we could help you. How far did you make it today? Say hello to Terry and Lori.
    Pastor Kuhfal

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