Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 16, 2011

And the Bubba award goes too

I have decided to start a new award ceremony, OK it really will not be a ceremony but I have to name the current leader in the race for the Bubba award. And what is the Bubba award you say? The Bubba award is a award given by myself to the state with the least bicycle friendly drivers. You know those drivers that barely have 1 foot out of the slimy primordial cesspool of evolution. Those idiots who think it is fun to scare the shit out of a bicyclist who is on the road by swerving at him and missing him by less than a foot and then letting with a litany of swear words and horn honking as they drive down the road.
Today 3 count them 3 separate automobiles did just that. While a number of others including a semi raced past me at high speed within 3 inches of my bike and then swerved into the bike lane as soon as they were past. The semi promptly splashed some hog shit out through the breathing slats in the hog carrier right in front of me. I am certain he was trying to get me so I saluted him.
I will tell later in the post about the very kind and helpful people I met today but for now the Bubba award front runner is Nebraska and it isn’t even a close contest.
I woke early this morning as usual and was out of the park by 05:40 this morning. I say I woke early but in all truth I never slept. Yesterday some local high school boys and girls decided it would be fun to hurl green walnuts at my tent. I was actually very nice when I ran them off, I promise I was nice. Then at around 11:00 a bunch of them mostly jocks and their teen cheerleader flames decided it would be a good thing to get stoned in the dugouts at the baseball diamond a short walk from my tent. They then apparently made out for a while judging from the sounds and then called it a night about 12:30. As they walked by my tent they again started throwing walnuts and branches etc. This time I was not so nice but since they were minors I did not physically accost them, lucky them.
Anyway I got up and packed as soon as I could see and hit the road. It was cool and clear out and the ride started very nice. However it was all hills not too steep or long but continuous challenging rollers up and down and up and down. Basically the day was beating me up. It became obvious that I have a long way to go before I have recovered . As the heat got hotter I got weaker. I drank my 2.5 gallons of easily accessible water finishing about the time the lightning and tornado sirens started. I was out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by huge farms of probably a minimum of 4000 acres with a long hill in front of me and another behind me. It was not looking good. The only shelter nearby was a ditch down a 20 foot embankment, not the place I want to take my bike if at all possible but I would have if necessary. Soon the sirens stopped and the lightning stopped and it cleared up for a while.
I continued on my jolly way up and down and up and down hills. I dug into my duffel for my half gallon of reserve water. The heat steadily climbed and soon the heat index was 109 and I was almost out of water. I still had 9 miles to go before I reached my destination for the day of Norfolk NE. I tried to get some water at farms I passed but no one was available to ask for water. I was very worried and somewhat desperate. With about 8 miles to go a pickup going the other direction stopped and Bobbie asked me if she could give me a ride to town. I obviously looked like I needed assistance and I readily accepted her offer. She introduced me to her children Eli Liam and Lanny and said she had been concerned about stopping with her kids but felt it was the right thing to do and was glad I was not a scary person. I was however quite odorous by this time. She took me to town and directed me to the Tah Na Zouke park and I thanked her and said goodbye to the kids.
I was able to stop in at a shell station and fill 2 of my water bottles with ice and water. Then I rode to park where a sign informed me that the campground was closed until further notice. Apparently the river is quite high and has flooded the campground. So I thought of different options and thought about going to some churches I had passed but for some reason I had not been comfortable with the neighborhood I saw these churches. Possibly it was the 2 guys with gang tat’s and prison Tat’s. But since my daughter had suggested I find a church which always 1 of my first options I decided to give 1 a try.
So here I am sitting in the backyard of a youth house next to A LCMS church in Norfolk NE. The pastor was very friendly although he was busy getting ready to start a wedding rehearsal. He kindly gave me permission to camp at the youth house and get water form the hose faucets at the main church since the water was off at the youth house.
So I met 2 friendly and very helpful people in Bobbie and Pastor Winter today and dealt with some good friendly and safe drivers on roads that were very difficult for me. However I still have to say that Nebraska is the clear leader in the race for the Bubba award at this time.



  1. Hi there! This is Joanna from iowa, with the big 7 months old baby! I told my readers about your blog 🙂 hopefully you’ll get more bike friendly drivers from this point on!

    • Hi Joanna, I remember you with your husband and baby who had his first ride on a swing. I hope all is well. The park where we met that day was flooded that night in about 20 minutes of rain.
      I really do not have a problem with most drivers in Nebraska or Iowa or wherever. But sometimes idiots get behind the wheel of a car and I just have to say something about it. All the drivers since then have been good and since I am on a bike trail now I can relax and ride without being concerned about them for a while.
      Thanks for the plug by the way I do appreciate anything that gets more people to read my blog.

  2. It’s Ta Ha Zouka, which is reputed to be the Sioux word for Elk Horn (but actually *isn’t*. Go figure.). 🙂

    I gotta agree with you on the drivers and cyclists here, though — for a while, I was pretty dedicated to biking everywhere here (the whole town is a whopping 12 miles across, and coming from Seattle, well…), and aside from the people who clearly could care less that you’re on the road, there was a very strange disdain from some folks. I got asked ALL THE TIME when I would be getting my license back…as if the only reason for a grown-up to be on a bike is because they’ve got DUIs. 😀

    Wish I’d have known you were here — we’ve got a guest room and a functioning shower. Drop a note and we’ll get you all carb-loaded before you head off next time through.

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