Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 15, 2011

Whining proficiency

It has dawned on me after reviewing some of my posts that I have become very proficient at whining. I really hope that those who read these posts do not think that whining is what I am all about. I just try to tell what is happening on this journey as honestly as possible, although I do try to add a humorous spin frequently. The fact of the matter is that this tour is the hardest thing I have ever done. It has been difficult dealing with the weather the bugs the traffic and finding a place to camp as well as dealing with the whole rheumatoid arthritis thing. It is at times frightening and at times humorous but it is almost always stressful. The physical demands of riding my bike over 1600 miles while pulling a heavy trailer are more than I would like although I knew from the start that it would be physical beyond all of my expectations. So I hope those who read this understand that I am not a habitual whiner it is just that this whole journey is presenting me with constant challenges and I am just trying to convey in these posts what those challenges are.
There now that I have that out of the way I can tell about today’s ride. I woke up early this morning after it had been raining all night and discovered it was still raining. It did not always rain hard but it was steadily raining with occasional downpours. I thought about not riding today but decided that I had to at least attempt a ride. I left Jackson NE at about 08:30 it was misty with just a very slight drizzle and a steady but not heavy crosswind. The map showed it should be about 5-7 miles to my first turn. The map was wrong or I read it wrong. I found the highway I was supposed to take after about 18 miles of constant up and down long but not too steep hills. I rode another 4 miles and stopped in a little gas station and asked where a good place to camp would be. I know only 22 miles and already wanting to quit for the day. But the last 4 miles had been against a strong headwind. At the gas station I was told the next town had a nice park where I could camp and was only 10 miles and it was all downhill.
I know I have mentioned this before but I am going to mention it again. People who do not ride a bike have no concept of uphill and downhill or flat. I rode 7 miles with only 300 yards of downhill and the rest was long uphill sections that were not all that steep but the head wind and trailer made them difficult. The last 4 miles were evenly divided between up hill downhill and level.
I stopped in at another gas station and got directions at the park and was told I would have to let the sheriff’s office know that I would be camping at the park. At least there is no fee for tent camping. The park in Wakefield NE is very nice it has a pool and baseball diamond and shelters, it also has a playground and a camping area designed more for RV camping than tent camping and it has lots of flying critters. I had been given a can of off insect repellant and decided to use it. Well the mosquito’s are staying away but the little gnats or whatever they are are swarming me. They aren’t biting but if I breath through my mouth I add extra protein to my diet when I need to be carbo loading. If I breath through my nose then I get a congested nasal passage and this strange tickling sensation deep in my sinuses.
I have never been this attractive to insects in my life and I am not at all happy with my new found popularity. It is early and I do not want to just set up my tent and hide from the bugs while going crazy because it is to early to sleep but I am near the point of having just about enough.
The sun has now kind of broken through the clouds but I sense this is just a temporary reprieve from the cloudy misty day I have had already. I understand Denver is getting rain so that storm will probably come my direction just so I do not feel left out.
All of this rainy misty cool damp weather has been raising havoc with my RA Riding is difficult and sleep has been very difficult. Some fingers work some do not but since I am a hunt and peck typist it really does not matter.


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