Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 11, 2011

No ride today

After arriving at my present location last night I was fortunate to have the wind keep the mosquito’s at bay. I needed a reprieve and a transfusion but accepted just the reprieve. The wind was cool and I enjoyed that also. But alas all good things must come to an end. I was tired and tried to sleep before the sun went down to no avail. Finally when the sun went down the wind also died and the temperature rose. This was also the time when the motion or sound activated spot lights on a apartment building bordering the park started coming on every time a Harley would ride by or a bird would fly by. Fortunately I was not in direct line of the spot light but just the residual glow was enough to keep me awake. I could have moved my tent but the further I penetrated the grassy areas of the park the more mosquito’s I kicked up so I stayed where I was.
I was awoken around 01:00 by a urgent issue with my stomach that had me thinking here goes round 2. Fortunately it was short lived and I believe was not caused by a bug but by drinking water that had been treated in a water softener. I continued with a fitful night of sleep waking at around 05:00 to a clear cloudless sky. But after my stomach issues earlier in the night I decided to hold off for a while and get some more sleep. This turned out to be a wise move.
At about 06:30 I looked out of my tent to a sky that was getting darker and more menacing by the minute. Then the thunder and lightning started and eventually the downpour hit hard. I had pitched my tent without my fly for improved ventilation so I had to quickly jump up and put on my fly before settling in for some more sleep. However my tent has seen some wear this summer and suddenly I was hit with drops of water on my leg. Not a lot of water but it concerned me enough to make it difficult to sleep. So instead of letting the pitty patter of raindrops lull me to sleep I kept looking for the source of the leak. I finally determined that I had a couple of seems that were in need of sealing but that is not something you do in the storm but hopefully before the storm or if necessary like today after the storm. I needed a rest day any so this at least gave me something to do.
Finally the storm let up after 09:00 and I slept for a while why my fly dried out. I got up about 10:00 and sealed the seams, slammed down a protein shake and tried to think of a way to occupy my day while my seam sealer dried. Needless to say it was a very boring day but fortunately not a lot of mosquito’s. A young couple from Ames IA stopped by with their 7 month old son and questioned me about my ride and that was the only social interaction I had today.
I need to get some sleep tonight because tomorrow must be an early day and I have to ride a minimum of 46 miles. Fortunately I am only about 100 miles from where I will cross into Nebraska and at least then I will no longer have the worry of being able to cross the flooding Missouri river. I did take my fly off again so that I have better ventilation hopefully it will not rain in the middle of the night, but 1 never knows.
Fortunately the symptoms of my RA have subsided and that should help my ability to get a good nights sleep.


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