Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 6, 2011

It is almost that time

The time for beginning my tour again is almost upon me. I had been going to start it already but needed to take the time to train and recover. I am filled with anxiety about starting this tour again. Ever since I was a young child I was always anxious before a major event in my life and re starting this tour is a major event in my life. I have come a long way and pushed through many hard miles. I have met many good people and a few characters I will never forget.
But this time there seems to be some fear also. I was so sick a month ago when I was forced to temporarily abandon my tour and I did not recognize it. I feel uncomfortable with the thought that I was unaware of my own bodies physical status.
I will get over this as soon as I start riding again but until then I have this anxiety building in me so strongly it confuses me. I guess maybe that means I am ready and had better just climb on my bike and let the ride sort it all out.



  1. May the wings of wisdom be on your back this time and may we read of your finished journey with a smile that you did it!

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