Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 5, 2011


As I have stated before I am not very good at chewing gum and walking at the same time, in fact I am really not a very good multi-tasker. But when I am passionate about something I am able to do many things. I am passionate about riding my bicycle, travel, cooking, photography and more than anything else rock climbing. I climbed for over 30 years and became fairly accomplished in several disciplines. I have climbed all over the world from central and south America, all over north America and south east Asia and China.
I mention this because even though I love and am loving this bicycle tour I am getting closer to the mountains and my real passion. I have some hurdles to overcome such as a new harness that will replace the harness stolen from me in Puerto Rico and more importantly my R.A.. I temporarily stopped climbing partially due to the pain of my Arthritis but the real reason is that the medicine Methrotrexate that I had been taking caused me to bleed more than usual when cut or scratched. I could not bring myself to bleed all over the rock whenever I climbed. I have left my blood on rock nearly everywhere I climbed but the thought of bleeding heavier and then my friends having to climb over my blood just did not seem right. I did not think my friends would want to climb in my blood any more than I wanted to leave my precious body fluids on the rock.
Now I am nearing my opportunity to climb again. I am going to have force myself to throttle back and climb easier routes both because I am weaker and because my muscles are not currently trained to climb. Over time I can change this and both get stronger and train my muscles to move in the way I want them move. But I believe my muscles have a longer memory than most would believe and my mind still has the ability to both figure out the moves and also control my thoughts emotions and fears while on the rock.
Last night I dreamed of climbing routes such as Face Dancer and even Dogs Of War  13a/b in Sinks Canyon or Mysterious Red Head , Not My Cross To Bear and Shear Strength in Penitente Canyon. I relived the moves I felt the stress and exhaustion of my muscles on these climbs. I felt my body flow through Face Dancer and Mysterious Redhead. I could feel my legs burn as I stemmed through Not My Cross to Bear. And I felt the rush that comes from releasing my power on Shear Strength. I felt the power of pulling through the roof on Lunge for Jesus in Witches Canyon.
These were not normal dreams even for me who regularly dreams of climbing. I was living these dreams so completely I could feel them I could smell the mountains and even the salt water and jungle 200 feet above the ocean as I struggled to pull myself through the power moves of Genghis Bond in the Keep at Rai Lei Thailand.
I can not say these dreams were an omen that was indicating I would be able to climb at my previous ability level or better. But these dreams did reignite a passion that I have kept buried for way to long. Someone in my family told me about a year ago that I should forget even trying to do the things I love. This person told me I could never climb again and laughed at me for believing in myself and believing that I could climb again or ride my bike across the country or lift weights in a gym again.
So wish me well and know that even though I may not reach my previous levels of proficiency I still have my passion and that will help me to overcome the difficulties that I will be faced with.


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