Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 5, 2011

Alone with my thoughts

When I began this tour or pilgrimage of sorts I was alone. In many ways I was more alone than at any point of my life. But I was not lonely, I was just alone with my thoughts. I rode alone for nearly 1200 miles, and I enjoyed it. No it was not the being alone that I enjoyed but it was the ability to follow my own path at my own pace all while witnessing nature and people at a speed where I was actually able to interact with them.
More importantly I was able to focus my thoughts or when desired just let them stray in all directions. Somehow I found peace in the chaos of wildly wandering thoughts. I will not disclose all my thoughts but they ranged from the mundane to the stern or even frightened and of course the happy and even joyful.
But all this ended when I started riding with others. I enjoyed riding with Sandy and Leo and they helped me more than I can say. I enjoyed riding with my cousin and having the opportunity to share conversation and thoughts. Actually riding with my cousin was one of the high points of my tour.
But when I went riding this morning and rode 26 easy miles, I once again had the opportunity to ride and be alone with my thoughts. It was peaceful and at a pace that was comfortable to me. I was able to choose my own route and return when I wanted. I had an opportunity to contemplate the red winged blackbird that flew continuously over my head as though he was trying to get me into his bomb sights and drop a load on me as he flew away quietly chuckling to him self. Now this may not seem like a pleasant thing to contemplate but these thoughts had no urgency or even care in them and that is so very relaxing. There were no concerns over traffic or finding a place to camp which are somewhat stressful yet are also satisfying when successfully negotiated.
Today I was able to enjoy sunshine, fresh air and a whole lot of peace while riding my bike. And that is about as good as it gets.



  1. I was riding right along with you and for this I am grateful. I am not able to bike ride any longer but can now ride carefree again through your blog. I haven’t given up this dream to ride free again, I am just trying to figure out the best way to ra modify it.

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