Posted by: twistsoffeet | July 2, 2011

I feel so weak

I rode my bike again today. I got up at about 06:00 so that I could start my ride at 07:30 this morning. I started at my cousins farm and rode 8 miles to another town to meet a different cousin. We rode together enjoying a nice conversation and a beautiful day for a bike ride. We rode through several towns and eventually reached Pilot Nob which is the 2nd highest point in Iowa at about 1400 feet altitude. It was great seeing northern Iowa from a vantage point that I have never seen it before. It obviously was not Colorado as seen from a 14000′ mountain but it was still a beautiful and and very enjoyable view.
While at Pilot Nob I crashed, OK it really wasn’t a crash it was more like a drunk in a bar that finally reaches his limit and just topples over. Actually I was trying to stop and could not get my cleat to release so instead I just fell. It is not like I haven’t done it before but this was the 1st time I had a witness. Anyway I have a bruise on my right hip and my right calf. I will now have to work on my pedals and cleats, it will probably be resolved with a simple lubrication of cleat and pedal.
After riding from Pilot Nob we circled around towards our starting point and only repeated about 2 miles of our entire trip. My cousin said he was impressed with how well I was riding since I had not ridden for 3 weeks and had been so sick. He may have been impressed and I really should not complain but I felt like a wimp. My feet were swollen my calves were cramping and my but was numb. Then adding on the soreness in my forearms shoulders and back along with my bruised hip and I feel like I have been beat up ie. the 98 pound weakling being thumped by the massive bully.
On the other hand I do feel good about riding 45.3 miles today, my first real attempt at riding since I got sick.
I guess this means I am back complete with screaming arthritis and other assorted boo boo’s. My adventure and opportunity to tell my story of riding across this country on a bicycle while trying to manage my arthritis while trying to see the beauty that surrounds me and meeting those characters that have made this trip such a wonderful and rich experience. I am not absolutely certain when I will start my tour again but it will be soon. I do believe though that I probably need a couple more training and recovery rides before I start. But I have too start somewhere.



  1. I can tell how much biking and this trip meant to you but try to take it slow. This disease can change our bodies and it may be that you need to take it a little ride at a time. I hope you find the balance…I really do know how difficult that can be but in time you will find just the right amount of biking you can handle.

    • I really have only 2 goals and 1 is private. The other goal is to finish this ride safely while maintaining my own health. I intend to travel slowly at whatever speed is comfortable. While my desire to spread awareness of this disease and also inspire those who suffer it to live there life and not give up. But I want to learn and have fun at the same time. I have no intention of giving up but I also have no intention pushing the envelope in a manner that will cause me more pain and suffering.

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