Posted by: twistsoffeet | June 25, 2011

I Rode My Bike Yesterday

I have decided that I will continue my tour.

I am not going to restart my tour until after the 4th of July weekend because I really do not want to deal with the heavier holiday traffic.

I rode my bike yesterday, but very briefly. I cleaned my chain, front crank, and rear cassette.  I also adjusted front and rear brakes, and inspected my pads.  I adjusted my shift cables and smoothed up my shifting.

The bike is freshly lubed, my handlebar and head set have been tightened and adjusted. Basically, I think the bike is in pretty good condition.

I am hoping to be able to make it to the start of the Cowboy Trail in Nebraska without switching out my rear tire. Both of my current tires are Bontrager H2 tires, which I really like.  They are good in wet conditions and have a very good rolling resistance.  The front tire has substantial tread left on it, even after over 3000 miles of riding. The rear tire also has over 3000 miles on it, but is substantially more worn; but that is due to pulling the trailer.

I should be able to switch to a knobby tire on the rear when the current rear tire wears out.  This will be good for the Cowboy Trail, which is mostly packed, crushed gravel.  I do not expect to get many miles out of the knobby tire, but by the time it wears out, it will be time to switch my front tire… and then I will ride on my Bontrager H2 hard case tires.

I want and need to have the best possible tires on my bike when I hit the high Rocky Mountains.

I am going to start some short 10-20 mile training rides on Monday and Tuesday, and one of my cousins has suggested a ride that will end up being about 40 miles, which we will ride together. It will be on very flat terrain and will be about two weeks after leaving the hospital, so I should be up to it by that time.

My big concern at this time is crossing the Missouri River, which I will probably do in the area of Sioux City, Iowa.

While sick and based on my weight on entering the hospital, I estimate that I lost 13 lbs in five days, most of it being muscle mass.  I am currently feeling pretty good, but very weak.

On a positive note, I am at my lowest weight in 20 years.

I have been trying to do situps and pushups, but I am not impressed with my efforts. I used to be able to do 300 pushups, but 10 is about my max now.  I am able to do two or three sets of 15-20 crunches, but after my hernia surgery, I am trying to be very careful.

In any case, things are looking up and I now have a fairly defined goal and route.


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