Posted by: twistsoffeet | June 19, 2011

A Difficult Post

I am finding this a difficult post to write.

I had set out on this ride intending to bring about awareness of RA, as well as to inspire people with RA to keep active because I believe it is a crucial ingredient in managing RA pain.

But my recent illness has put my focus elsewhere.

It is physically difficult to sit up long enough to compose this post. Maintaining a clear head is also very difficult.

As time goes by, I am remembering more about the events of the last week.  I know I had seventeen IV bags of fluid. I had seven IV bags of two types of antibiotics.  Orally, I am taking a super antibiotic that frightens me, but only one more day of that.

I remember trying to refuse the ambulance that took me to the hospital, and had I been successful, I would probably not be here now.

I had one CT scan, three EKGs, chest x-rays, and who knows how many vials of blood taken for testing.  I think it was around 30-40.  After three bags of fluid, they tried to take blood for testing, and every time they would get the needle in blood would start to flow; but after a few drops, it would stop flowing because it was too thick.  Finally, they were able to get six vials of blood.

Of course these were not regular vials… they looked more like those little miniature whiskey bottles that you get on an airplane. I had at least six different IV ports and if a police officer saw me, he would probably suspect I was a junkie because I have tracks up and down both arms.

My ER doctor suggested that I needed to pay closer attention to my diet, but honestly that was not my problem. I was doing good until I got diarrhea, and that hit me so severely that I totally depleted my system of all electrolytes, calcium, and basically anything I needed to stay alive.

I was in critical condition when I entered the hospital, although they did not originally list me as such. Although the ER doc was very good and did a good triage job of getting me to a steady point, it was my primary physician who really did the work to get me on the road to recovery.

If I had not had a good diet and had not been paying attention, I never would have been able to ride the approximately 1350 miles that I rode, pulling the load I pulled.

I do not know about the future of my ride.

At this time I must concentrate on my health and recovery. I will not attempt to ride for at least 1.5 more weeks, and then only short rides without a load.

My RA is not really bad right now, but I suspect that by tonight it will be returning with more force.



  1. Please take care of yourself. Without you there is no bike riding. Your body, your mind, your soul needs to be first and foremost and once you recover…please…please take it slow. This drat disease forces us to slow down some…it is unfortunate but the truth. It took me 13 years to learn this.

    • I appreciate the concerns of you and everyone else who has expressed their desires to see me healthy. At this time my only goal is to become healthy and then make a decision on where my ride will take me. I do still want to bring awareness to RA and inspire those who suffer from it.

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