Posted by: twistsoffeet | June 16, 2011

I Am Back, Kind Of…

This will be a short post.

I had met three riders at hostel in Chester, IL.

Two had been sick for a few days but were pretty much recovered. The third cyclist was very sick.

I apparently picked up his stomach bug.

My RA hit me harder than it has in at least six years.  I got severe diarrhea, which dehydrated me and totally wiped out my electrolyte balance.

My daughter was worried about me when I was not making sense in a phone conversation, and asked the local police to check on me.  And now I have been in the hospital for two days. I have received at least seven IV bags of fluid, four bags of antibiotics, two different types.

I will probably be in here one more day and then one or two more rest days.  My fever has broken, but it has actually done that two other times.  My temp started at I think 105, but it could have been 103.  It is finally down to just under 100.

Now I am being tortured by my roommate’s television blasting sci fi: lost world meets meets anaconda meets Greek or Roman mythology… mindless drivel.



  1. Please take the time to heal. I am sure you miss the biking but no peddling around too soon…ok? And argh….roommate’s tv…pull the plug.

  2. Sorry to hear you are not doing well. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Keep in touch so I know how you are doing I worried before now I’m really worried.

    • Hi Jennifer, glad to know you are still following my ride. I am through the worst of it now so you can breath easier. I will be staying here for about 2 weeks with family in northern Iowa and work on my recovery. I hope all is well with you and Robert and little K

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