Posted by: twistsoffeet | June 12, 2011

Some Days… I Just Want to Let the Pain…

I rode 60 miles today.

The first twenty were actually pleasant. Then reality came crashing down with all of its fury. I walked ten miles of the last 40. It was a cool day, around 80 degrees, but nonstop hills and nonstop pain.  Some days I just am too tired to fight for control of my pain.

If I knew how to do it, I would stop trying to fight the pain.

Some days, I just want to let the pain take over because I do not have the energy to fight it.  Today I wanted to just collapse by the side of the road and scream.

My friends Leo and Sandy rode ahead and made it to Washington, MO about two hours ahead of me. When I crawled into town, I was barely able to move.  Fortunately, my friends invited me to spend the night in their hotel room again. Usually a shower helps me feel human and even ease the pain, but today it helped a little with feeling human, but nothing with the pain.

I have ridden twelve days straight, and that may be contributing to my pain.  I want to get up into Iowa as soon as possible, but I think if I do not take a rest day soon, I may break down and then I will lose even more time.

So tomorrow will be a decision day.

The highway north of here is closed, so I have to ride the Katy Trail for a while at least.



  1. I have some suggestions when you start travel North. I am waiting for your email address and can scan and send a copy of the route if you would like.

  2. Wishing you luck and courage on this journey.

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