Posted by: twistsoffeet | June 11, 2011

56 Miles, 12 Hours of Hell in Mizzery

I did not sleep well last night, but that was my fault.

We had nine touring bicyclists staying in a little hostel room at the Eagle’s Club in Chester IL.

Started at about 7:00 AM, and the first 10 miles from Chester towards Saint Mary, MO were pretty level.  Then we hit the hills, and they never stopped. Ninety five degrees temperature and high humidity, along with a strong headwind– that when on hills that I should easily be able to descend at 40+ mph– had me pedaling hard to hit 28 mph.  I think that today was the hardest day yet on this tour, and I am totally beat.

We were riding through Saint Mary, MO today, and had stopped to rest when a man walked up to us and told us he was a reporter for the Sainte Genevieve Herald newspaper. He photographed us and asked us questions, which we were happy to answer.  He is doing a story in the next issue of the weekly paper.

Leo rode fast ahead of myself and Sandy so that he could get to a bicycle shop in Festus, MO before closing. Sandy and I walked five miles of the hills today.

We caught up with Leo in Festus, and he had gotten a room at the local Comfort Inn and invited me to share the room with them.  As we were heading for the hotel, we ran into the reporter from this morning, and invited him to join us at a birthday celebration dinner for Sandy.

Dinner was at BBQ place called Bandana’s and had a very enjoyable dinner.

Tomorrow will be very difficult, I am certain, because my arthritis is fiercely acting up and I am barely able to move.  I broke down and asked for some Aleve from Sandy, because I am trying to not take any pain medication on this tour. But my knuckles are red and swollen, and all of my joints are very much in pain right now.

I had a problem with my bike today.  My cassette loosened and my wheel was running out of alignment on the rear of my bike. Fortunately, I found it quickly and was able to tighten it up quickly.

We will be heading for the Katy Trail tomorrow, but I do not know how many miles I will ride on it.


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