Posted by: twistsoffeet | June 3, 2011

Today… Arthritis: 1; Me: 0

I slept pretty well last night. I did enjoy seeing the stars out on a clear night with little moon. Not Colorado, but still pretty good.  Was awoken by horses and wild turkeys around my tent.


I was hurting yesterday, but today it is excruciating. I only made it to Waynesboro, where I will spend the night in a city park.  It is a pretty nice park with a little stream flowing through it, but no drinking water or restrooms available to me right now.  I met a man named John who saw me limping and asked if he could help, so I let him take me up to the water recreation center and fill my water bottles.  I am going to try more ibuprofen and elevate my leg; hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.  I really can not afford to lose any more time. But, if I am in constant pain I cannot move forward.

Oh well… I guess I just suck it up and tough it out.

Today, while sitting in the shade near my tent, wishing that the woman who was threatening her ten year old son that she was going to call the police and have them take him away… because he wanted attention… but she was too busy texting to pay attention.  Apparently, he got in trouble at wherever he had been for the day and she had to leave her party and was not happy.  I try not to pay attention or interfere, but this obnoxious bitch and her crying son were totally destroying my ability to find some peace and some calm.

My arthritic knee was screaming loudly, but at least I am the only one who can hear what it was saying.

Anyway a biker rode up on his Motorcycle.  It was a beat up old Suzuki and he was a typical looking biker: shaved head and a gray beard down to his navel.  He was wearing denim, not leathers, but was fully patched.  He said his name was “Dragon” and he that had ridden from Minnesota to Montana, then the east side of the Rockies from Canada into Mexico.

He used to ride a Harley, but said he can’t afford one anymore.  He had served in Vietnam, then traveled around for a long time. He lived in Bennett, Colorado and still owns property there. He worked in Commerce City, CO and it took an hour to ride to work and since he had a small, home-built helicopter, he decided to fly to work.  He says he flew under the radar at Stapleton Airport, but forgot about the old Rocky Mountain Arsenal, and as he was flying over it, two helicopters with bigger guns than his forced him down. He apparently changed his flight path after that.

He said of all the places he has been only Tennessee and Colorado ever seemed like home. He used to like petite young women until he watched a big woman break up a fight one day. She apparently picked up the two fighters by the scruff of the neck and slammed their heads together like two coconuts.  He decided right then she was his type of woman and now they have been together for 30 years.  He said he is probably the only patched motorcycle rider that is a shaman and native healer.  He grew up with the Natchez Trace as his playground and has a deep respect for nature.

He ran an aviary in Colorado that, at the time, was the biggest aviary in the state. Apparently birds of prey gravitate towards him. He currently has as regular visitors at his home: an eagle, a red-winged hawk, and two Peregrine falcons.  His goal in life now is to live until 2012, when the great alignment of planets takes place. He doesn’t believe anything will necessarily happen that day he just wants to see the alignment. He does feel that man is currently in  the “sixth age of man” and that “the seventh age of man is coming soon,” so it may be then, or it may just be another day.  He says everyone calls him “Dragon” because his ass is always draggin’, but I suspect there is really another reason for the moniker.

I enjoyed sharing some time with him and he definitely is one of those characters that I enjoy meeting.



  1. I give you one thing for sure, you do meet up with interesting people. When we meet up ask me about hyaluronic acid, a natural element and may be of some help. I have had some relief in the use of it, knee problems. In the next day or so give me call so I have a better idea where you are. May the wind be to your back and the sun rise with new hope. MEH

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