Posted by: twistsoffeet | June 2, 2011

I Feel Good

Well, at least I did for a while.

I watched a slow pitch softball game last night and ended up going to bed about 9:00 PM last night.  I had rested all day and worked on my bike, but it really was a rest day– finally.

I like the Pulaski Police– at least… everyone that I met, and I met a good portion of them.  They were all helpful and courteous, but I had a difficult time sleeping.  I mean, I was there for two nights and stayed in a park that was recommended by two police officers.  So… how come the rest of the force had to keep checking on me?

Why, after speaking to at least four of them during the day yesterday, did two more have to wake me up at midnight to find out why I was camping there?

Like I said, they were all helpful, friendly, and courteous, but apparently they do not tell each other what is going on and who or where they saw someone camping in a park.  In all honesty, I am glad they were diligent because that probably meant that I was safe.

I woke early today and hit the road about 6:15 AM and went to Hardee’s to use the facilities.  Apparently public restrooms are all closed and locked… to keep the public out of them.  Anyway, while at Hardee’s, I asked a couple of men about a way out of town that did not entail climbing the big hill I had ridden down to get into town.  They gave me an alternative route and one asked if I had breakfast yet, and then he bought me breakfast.  It was very nice and started my day off right.

The first four miles were all hills, but nothing terrible.  I was able to get out of town and back on Hwy 64.  One small hill and then it was clear sailing for about twelve miles, then another long but not bad hill and more clear sailing until I got to to Lawrenceburg.  Highway 64 was closed for improvement.

I had to go through Lawrenceburg to get to old Hwy 64 and stopped at the welcome center, where the woman was kind enough to allow me to fill my water bottles; then off again.  This time on a two lane highway (Hwy 64) with a narrow shoulder and that was grooved, so I couldn’t ride on it.

I kept going and finally got to a store somewhere up the road where they gave me free ice for my water bottles. It was melted in ten minutes.  I continued to ride on what was a fairly level road and was even able to ride on some newly constructed road without traffic for a while.  Finally, I had to go back out into the traffic on a narrow two lane road for five miles.

Eventually the road widened into a four lane divided highway and that was good, but more small hills and a headwind combined with the heat was rapidly causing me to lose my strength.  I kept my electrolytes up and that helped but still I was near the end of my endurance.

I stopped a a little gas station and convenience store/restaurant to look for a place to pitch my tent and get an idea of how far I was from the next town.  I spoke to Bill, the owner of Jugs One Stop, and he offered to let me pitch my tent on his property.  He also allowed me to fill a couple of water bottles with ice.

I have not yet decided on where to begin my northward swing, nor how far north I will go. I thought about the Natchez Trace, but it would also take me back east so that will not happen.

My joints are all screaming at me from my arthritis and my right knee is screaming from overuse.  My knee is very swollen and I am concerned about it.  I thought I had brought along something to wrap it with, but was unable to find it. I guess ibuprofen will have to suffice.

I am still in David Crockett country.  There are David Crockett parks and statues and schools.  There are David Crockett parkways and trails and plaques and road markers everywhere. A

ll for a guy that basically told Tennessee to go to hell… he was going to Texas.  I know he was a Tennessee Senator or Congressman and was well respected.  He died at the Alamo, after most of the Texans ran off and left the fighting to be done by the guys from Tennessee and Kentucky or Louisiana, amongst other places.  I think all in all, Tennessee was fortunate to have him when he was around, and it was clearly unfortunate that he went to Texas. Apparently I have really been out of the loop because I just heard today that Billy Bob Thornton played David Crockett in a movie about his life.

Somehow I just can not visualize how that went. Oh well.



  1. I have not read all from the start since I just found this. It sounds like there are a lot of good people out there and perhaps they are there for a reason. I am sure we will have some time for conversation as you spend time in Iowa. It sound like good flat travel would be your best asset. Good luck in finding those roads, there are a lot of them in Ill. and Ia. if follow that route. Of course you will hit elevation change around the Mississippi, but half should be down hill. Take care. MEH

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