Posted by: twistsoffeet | May 26, 2011

The Trolls are Beating Their War Drums in the Sky

The wind is heavy at times and the rain is as well, neither seem to ever go away.

Large flashes of light in the sky like a laser light show in the night.

The Trolls are beating their war drums in the sky and sometimes the ground shakes with the reverberations.

I just checked the weather radar on my phone, and it is dark green on our west side with a band of yellow and red heading right for us. This band does not have me worried.  Two hours away and heading our way via a northeasterly path is a roaring ball of yellow and red.  The wind actually tried to move my tent a short while ago. It may have succeeded except I have another 40 lbs in here besides me.

I staked everything down as well as possible, which I had not done earlier thinking that if a tornado came, the stakes would not help.  However, the rain fly works much better when staked down… so I just got wet.  Oh well, I couldn’t sleep anyway.

I think I am the only tent camper in this campground and everyone else is tucked in soundly. It is pretty quiet right now, so I am going to take the opportunity to shower and charge my computer. I want power for later if it gets bad.

The storm returned about 3:30a this morning. Heavy rain, but my tent held up well, as expected. The lightning was blinding and the thunder was at times deafening, but thankfully there was no wind– at least around here.

I was thinking of trying to find a different route north so as to avoid Huntsville, AL, but I checked Google maps and my road atlas and I do not see much of a way around it… so off to Huntsville I will go this morning.  At least the road is a multi-lane divided highway, and it has a very wide shoulder.  Also it is pretty much level for now, but I have been warned that the beast from yesterday has an evil twin just this side of Huntsville.

My arthritis is screaming at me this morning, as it always does when it is cool and humid. I am moving slowly, so it will take me a while to pack up and get out of here. I hope to fully charge my computer before I leave since I was only able to charge for a bit over an hour last night  and it shows 47% power available.

Only around 70 miles until I reach Fayetteville, TN, so I should have only one more night in Alabama. Hopefully Tennessee and Kentucky will be gentle with me because yesterday, I honestly thought about quitting. The only thing that stopped me was that I really do not know how I could quit, other than leave everything by the side of the road and stick my thumb out.

One thing about the way I am doing this is that it leaves no options.  It is a fully committed effort where I either succeed or lose everything. I guess I just have to continue. I am still worried about traveling on Memorial Day weekend,  but again I really do not have any other options.


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