Posted by: twistsoffeet | May 23, 2011

What to Do?

I have a dilemma.

Uup until this point, I really have been lucky with my route finding. Yes, I checked maps and Google maps bicycle  for directions, and have been able– except for one or two terrifying days on Hwy 16 & 27 Alt in Georgia– to find my way safely.

I have been able to stay on multi-lane highways, usually with decent shoulders.  However, now looking forward on my northward travels, I can continue on a couple of routes that allow me to stay on good multi-lane highways most of the time.  That is, until I reach Illinois.

I honestly had not looked closely at a map of Illinois. There are many highways, but few multi-lane highways. Google maps shows routes through the state, but I question their viability. It seems it will be six of one and half a dozen of the other as far as what route is best.

Unfortunately, for the best route, if it is bad and unsafe, will present no alternative. I am thinking of crossing the Mississippi either below or just above St. Louis, but I am worried about the state of the roads after flooding.  Oh well… I will have one more day to think about it.

Tomorrow I have to go to the Trek dealer, Wig’s Wheels in Anniston, AL. There are some closer bicycle shops, but I have a warranty that I hope will pay for wheel truing and a couple of new spokes. It better cover it, or I am in trouble.  It is 26 miles to the bike shop.  Fortunately, I have been able to get my bike in good enough shape to get me there.

Hopefully it will be a quick fix, and I can get back on the road, back towards Piedmont and a camp site close by. I will still do 40 miles tomorrow, at least. That leaves me with a possibility of riding only Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before the Memorial Day weekend.

I had forgotten about Memorial Day weekend, but I really wonder if I should be on the road during this holiday.

The people of Piedmont and the riders and skateboarders on the Chief Ladiga Trail have been very friendly and kind to me.

A small issue with a couple of groups of teens out for fun, but finding trouble last night will not diminish my experience in this town.

I highly recommend that anyone who rides a bicycle and likes to experience different trails in different states takes the opportunity and give these trails a ride.


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