Posted by: twistsoffeet | May 16, 2011

Rainy Days

Last night was cold in Hawkinsville, so I slept in late.

It was still cold this morning, so in addition to wearing one of my sleeveless shirts, I put on a long sleeve shirt over it.  I was still cold.  I only rode 13 miles today and am in Hayneville, GA now.  More long, gentle hills that still do not feel too gentle when pulling a trailer.  I was bucking a headwind/crosswind the whole way.  On some of the downhill portions of my trip, I have reached speeds as high as 32-33 mph.  Normally, I wouldn’t think anything of that, but with a trailer it is probably a bit risky to ride at such speeds; so today I made certain not to go over 25 mph and that was still scary with the cross winds.

It started cold and got even colder as I traveled and the sky turned black and very ominous. I think if it would have been warmer I would have continued on, but I just couldn’t do it in the cold.  I arrived in Hayneville and saw the door to the volunteer fire station open, so I went there for recommendations on a place to pitch my tent… but nobody was there.  Then I noticed a man in the parking lot of the Baptist church across the highway, so I went there and he drove off.  It looked like someone was still there, so I went inside and met the pastor David Fischer who offered to let me pitch my tent by the cooking pit. This place has a serious BBQ smoker and just looking at it makes my mouth water.  The cooking pit is right in front of the cemetery, but that does not bother me. The pastor also offered me access to one of the buildings to use the bathroom facilities and clean up.  He provided me with access to the kitchen for ice and water and gave me several Little Debbie cakes. I have never had a Little Debbie cake before, and found them enjoyable; probably not real nutritious, but certainly enjoyable.

It has been raining all day off and on. It rains for 15-20 minutes then gets sunny, then rains again, sometimes very hard and sometimes lightly.  The wind sometimes kicks up pretty heavy also, and if I wasn’t in my tent, I am uncertain if my stakes would hold it down.  No little wind can carry me away, though.

Last night in Hawkinsville, after the birthday party ended, I went up to the picnic pavilion to charge my computer and check email.  As I was walking up there, a woman with a young child yelled over to me that they were getting ready to fix s’mores and I was welcome to join them.  I went over to the other pavilion and met Andrea and Bruce with their five children. They fed me s’mores, a hot dog and a hamburger, along with spinach and sweet tea.  Their second child has recently developed an fascination with fire, so they brought him out to teach him to start a campfire and cook on it, hoping to get it out of his system.  Andrea is a self-described free spirit, social anarchist, and registered republican– who used to be a Lutheran missionary. I am uncertain what synod, but probably ELCA, although I am not positive.  She is also a scientist, a chemical biologist, and a writer.  In a lot of ways she is kind of this ultimate Hippy Chick who is 17 going on 40 going on 16.  I mean this in a very good way.  She wants me to meet her best friend in Minneapolis if I go up that way.  Her husband, Bruce, had been in the Air Force and was stationed in the Philippines in the late 80’s and a wild fire fighter in Colorado and California at one time, also. I had a great time sharing stories with them last night, and hope to see them again sometime.

I am so fortunate to be meeting all the people I have met on this trip. Everyone has been friendly and helpful. I have noticed that the personalities of the people I am meeting are quite diverse, but one thing that is constant is faith.  And for that I am thankful.


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