Posted by: twistsoffeet | May 15, 2011

I Do Not Do Rest Days Very Well

I am bored.

I know that I need rest days, and certainly needed this one, but I generally do not do rest days well.

Do not be mistaken; it is certainly easy for me to lounge around home and spend hours doing research on my computer, or watch a movie or two while sipping on a fine red wine, or even fix a nice meal and having a couple of beers.  But this is different, just as it was different when I would take off and go climbing for 6-12 months.

Then, I would frequently be alone, as I am today.  Since the idea of a rest day is to rest, I don’t really want to go wandering around very much.  Besides, I am wary of leaving my camp and all of my worldly possessions unattended.  I can only sleep so much, and with no chair to sit on, it isn’t really easy to read a book– even on my Kindle for PC.  I was going to go up to an area with covered picnic tables and electricity, but apparently May is a popular month for being born in these parts because there have been THREE birthday parties here since yesterday afternoon.  So… sitting and quietly reading isn’t in the cards today.

I have been at work cutting my weight down and I have cut about twenty more pounds.  I have had a couple of very simple pasta meals to carbo load, and will have at least one more.  That will lighten my pasta load by one pound today plus the weight of the fuel used to cook it.  I tore pages out of my atlas that I won’t need and consolidated certain things into one package rather than two, thus eliminating weight here and there.  One problem I have that caused me to carry more weight than I wanted is that I am starting in the South East US, where it is hot and possibly wet while traveling… move towards areas that will range from very hot, dry desert in Monument Valley, AZ to high alpine passes in Colorado and Wyoming, where it may be hot, but is also very possible to be quite cold and even snowing– or at least a cold rain.

So… as the good boy scout that I once was, I am trying to be prepared.

The hills that have beaten me up so badly the last couple of days enticed me to search for a slightly different route that will allow me to avoid the much more difficult hills of northern Georgia and Tennessee.  There are options, but most take me through Atlanta, and I do not want to go through Atlanta or any other major city.  I think I will stay on Hwy 341 until I reach Griffin, GA, and Hwy 16 where I will head west.  When I reach US Hwy ALT 27, I will head north until I reach the Silver Comet Trail and Chief Ladiga Trail.  These will take me into Alabama for a short while before I head north towards Dubuque, IA. Once I get past Tennessee and Kentucky, it should prove to be flatter and easier on the plains.

At least I hope that is the case. The truth of the matter is that this next week will probably be the most demanding of the trip until I reach western Wyoming.

I have decided to pass on the Andersonville National Historic Site since I am already slightly north of there.  It is only about 40 miles from my current location, but a detour at this point is possibly not in my best interest.

Still… having been to Andersonville National Historic Site previously, I highly recommend it to everyone interested in not only Civil War history, but in American History in general, and also anyone who wishes to gain some insight into just how horrible it was or is to be a POW visit this site and you will be moved.


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