Posted by: twistsoffeet | May 14, 2011

Life is sooooo good, I must be doing something right

I slept in a little late this morning because it was raining, not hard but enough to get me wet, and besides I enjoyed the sound of raindrops on my tent. I was moving slowly, so I took my time getting ready. I am tired and need a day of rest but decided to continue on.

Old Arthur (my arthritis) was barking at me and my muscles are sore.  Also add on saddle soreness… (not saddle sores just saddle soreness).

My ride started gently for about a mile, then the hills started up and down, and up and down continuously.  Nothing big or steep, just little hills that seemed huge when your legs are as sore as mine.  By the way, I like feeling sore from working out; it lets me know I am accomplishing something.  Not pain just soreness.

The road finally leveled out into what looked like level ground, but we all know how looks can be deceiving.  After 15 miles of up and down hills, then another 18 miles of just barely uphill, but always just slightly up, then steep down and then up again, so that I never had enough down to recover from the hills… I was out of gas.

I stopped at a McDonald’s for water and french fries. I needed carbs salt and water, all of which I had with me, but was too tired to prepare.  Am I lazy or what?  While at the McDonald’s, a small disturbance happened or maybe it was the continuation of something that happened last night, only erupted again.  Four Pulaski County Sheriffs officers arrived to quell the disturbance, if you could call it that, because all parties where pretty mellow.  But friends from both sides of the issue kept arriving to back up their friends.  Finally, everyone got mellow and disbursed.

While there I spoke to Officer Giddens and asked if he knew where I could pitch my tent for a couple of days.  He suggested the River Landing Park.  He said there were showers, clean water, and electricity.  He also said he would tell the night shift officers and have them patrol the park a couple of extra times for me.  That is courtesy, service and protection at its finest.

But wait!  It gets better.  I had ridden out to the park and set up camp when Chuck Southerland with the Pulaski Rivers Alive stopped by to check on me, and make certain all was well.  He said he would turn on the hot water for the showers and informed me I was going to have company.  They hadn’t arrived yet, but the Women’s Outdoor Network was going to be camping in the park tonight– in the area I am camped in (!)  and they will kayak the river tomorrow.

Now I hope this doesn’t sound wrong, but I will certainly enjoy the company of women if it works out that we are able to socialize together a little.  My life recently has not had a lot of social interaction, especially with intelligent women, and if I am able to socialize tonight I will be happy.

I am going to take tomorrow as a rest day and recover a little.  My body needs a break.  I only rode 33 miles today, but it felt like 100 miles and I do not want to tear myself apart.  I want to rest recover and recuperate so that I can continue my journey safely.

All in all, I must say the people I have met in Georgia are friendly, helpful, and courteous.  They have been a pleasure to meet and get to know, and I am so happy I have come into contact with people like this on my trip.

The sky is getting black and the thunder is loud and continuous.  A storm is coming through, so I am going to make certain everything is stowed properly.

I am attaching a photo of me at my campsite, located at the Hawkinsville Pulaski River Landing and Park

Hawkinsville Pulaski river landing campsight


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