Posted by: twistsoffeet | May 13, 2011

I know a little about geography but I missed something somewhere

I rose early today and was on the road by 07:00.

The ride started pleasantly with a flat ride that was straight as an arrow for six miles.  I knew Georgia has mountains, I mean I have climbed at Stone Mountain east of Atlanta and I have spent time in the Smokies…  so the fact that mountains exist here should not have surprised me.

Maybe what I rode through today was not really mountains and instead just a range of hills. But these hills were unrelenting for 36 miles.  Well, at least for the first 30 miles; then they let off a little, but did not go away and let me relax.  I came as close to hitting the proverbial wall today, as I can remember.

These hills would be nothing if I was not hauling the trailer. Today, these hills flat out spanked me.  I would ride for 2-5 miles then rest, then do it again.  Oh, did I mention the headwind?  It was not heavy, but it was constant and made a difficult day more difficult.

My quads hurt, my calves hurt, and yes my butt is very sore. I brought along some Anti-Monkey Butt Powder; however, I never felt the need to use it.  I also did not use any chamois glide, and now wish I had been using both.

I ended up doing 42 miles today, although I wanted to quit at 10 miles.  I knew going into this that the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges of this trip would be the biggest challenges of my life.  And you know what?

I was right.

It is really hard to keep going when you hurt from sore muscles, your lungs are barking at you, and then you develop cramps.  But I really do love challenges.  Also, if it was easy, everyone would do it and I would not get the satisfaction of getting out here and doing it, and then succeeding at it.

I am beginning to develop this romantic relationship with my bike 🙂 Kind of like my relationship with my ex-wife.

It is a love hate relationship. I mean… I know it is going to be hard and demanding, and painful physically and psychologically.  But I just can not wait to mount up for a great ride that just pushes me to the very edge of my endurance threshold. I really am not a masochist, but as much as I hurt today and am still hurting, I cannot wait to do it again tomorrow.

I look forward to being tortured, just so I can say to myself that I did it and did not quit even though I thought about it.

I am in Chauncey, GA tonight.  I stopped at the post office because no one was at the town hall and asked the postmaster if he knew where I could pitch my tent.  He suggested I speak to the Pastor of the Chauncey Baptist Church.

I went to the church and spoke to the Pastor Royce, who is very friendly.  He is letting me camp at the church and has given me permission to use the restroom and kitchen area of the church, also.  I cleaned up and did some laundry in the bathroom sink, filled my water bottles, and I am now in the church, sitting at a table in the kitchen, typing this blog.

Royce advised that it is supposed to rain very hard tonight and said I can sleep on a couch in the church if I need to do so.  He also brought me a pizza and a half gallon of orange juice.  He said he would keep me in his prayers as I continue on my journey.  I also met three women in McRea, GA who stopped me to ask what I was doing.  I told them, and they were very interested.

They asked my name and also said they would pray for me. I know I am in the Bible Belt, but I have been constantly amazed by the people I have met who truly care and want me to have a safe and successful journey.

I am grateful for everyone who has voiced their support and are praying for me on this trip.

I do not even want to think about what tomorrow has in store for me, but I know I will do fine. I will be safe and I will reach my goal of a minimum of 40 miles.  I may do a little more than 40 miles because I lightened my load some more and ate a pound of pasta.  Hey, after today, I need to carbo load.




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