Posted by: twistsoffeet | May 10, 2011

Day 1

Well… I have really stepped in it now.

Last night my brother and his family had a very nice going away dinner for me. Great food. good conversation, and great food.

Yes, I know I mentioned the great food twice, but I just could not help it. It may be my last traditional meal for a while.

Up until 11:00 P.M., way too late.

Up at 04:00 this morning, finishing up with final prep for travel.

After a stressful beginning to the day, I finally got on my way.  My brother gave me a ride to Callahan, FL, where I began my ride.  Seven miles into the ride, I got my first flat.

I thought, “Great now that it is out of the way… it is all down hill from here!”

But oh, was I wrong.

Two miles further I got another flat; this time I was able, with difficulty, to locate two staple-like pieces of metal in my tire.  And I have good tires. I fixed that flat by just changing out the tube, just as I had done on the first flat.

Fortunately I saved the tubes to repair later. About one mile later, I got another flat.   Again, I searched for the culprit and eventually found another staple-like piece of steel. This time I searched again and again, confirming I had found all the steel that was determined to ruin my day.

By this time at was 2:00 PM and 95 degrees with that great southern humidity. I just couldn’t go any further.

I was almost out of water, so when I saw a man in his yard, I asked if it would be possible to refill my water bottles. He readily agreed and also gave me access to his I storage cooler. Then I asked if he knew where I could find a good place to pitch my tent, and he pointed to an oak tree, said I might get some shade under it, and I was welcome to stay there for the night.

He is a volunteer fireman and the fire station is right next to his property. Then, he got a call for a fire and had to leave, but told me to just get water and ice as I needed.

I am currently about 20 miles south of Waycross, Georgia. I only rode about 32 miles today, but I will accept that.

Tomorrow an earlier start should help.

I am not really feeling bad from the ride or my Arthritis.  Hopefully I will feel good in the morning. Several people have suggested I get a banner advertising my Arthritis ride, I will think about it, but am not yet certain if that is the way I want to go. Fortunately, I have already met some helpful and friendly people and I am very grateful for them.

I actually have two other previous posts that are somewhere in the pipeline. This is my first attempt at doing this blog without assistance so hopefully they will show up soon.



  1. I got those two posts out for you. I edited the first one, but not the second… yet!

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