Posted by: twistsoffeet | April 27, 2011


I can now say that I have begun my official countdown to departure.

I gave my notice at work on Monday and began telling my friends that have had no idea that I was planning this trip.

Even though the planning has been going on for quite a while, I obviously was never able to set a concrete date to leave.  Several times I thought I had a set date, but something, usually finances or medical caused delays.

I now have completed all my final medical setbacks and am at a stage financially that I have been able to purchase what I need for this trip.

Certainly there are things I would like to have but due to finances, I just will have to do without. This may be a good thing as I really do not need any more weight to carry.

My superintendent was very supportive and understanding when I gave my notice, and I really appreciate that. Most of my co-workers are excited for me and have voiced their support. I told my friend Julie at work and my friend Julie at the store where I buy my wine, and both were very supportive.

I have given my email and blog address to a very few select people because this is supposed to be anonymous, or at least I would like it to be anonymous to the masses.  Not that the masses are reading all of this.

Anyway, all of this makes it official and the final countdown has begun. I am excited and the anticipation of beginning this trip is nearly unbearable.

But then… I never was really good at waiting for something to begin after I had my mind made up that I was going to do it. All I have to do at this point is finish my job, give my furniture away to Goodwill, and continue training.


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