Posted by: twistsoffeet | April 4, 2011


I am going to be taking my computer with me on this trip so that I can regularly post my blog.

I may post daily or I may take several days between posts.  The deciding factor will be access to electricity, where I can charge my laptop.   Also, I envision days where I am just too darn tired to put thought into writing this blog.

I know I am a bit Neanderthal and stuck in the Stone Age, but I have finally discovered just how wonderful Kindle is.  I do not have a Kindle device, but I have downloaded Kindle for PC onto my laptop.  For no extra weight, I am able to take 10 or 20 or even 100 books with me all on my computer.  What is even cooler that that is that even though I am unable to afford books, I am still able to download public domain stuff, ie. pre-1923 books for free.  I am also able to download many newer books for free or nearly free.  I have downloaded many H.G. Wells and Jules Verne novels, as well as some bicycle maintenance books and some more philosophical books.  Since I will cross the path of the Lewis and Clark expedition at least two times, I decided to download the entire journals of the 1804 to 1806 Lewis and Clark expedition– or so called Journey of Discovery.

I am hoping to draw inspiration from these journals since my accomplishment will pale by comparison, but will still be very demanding mentally and physically.  I am hoping also to make some comparisons and notations in regards to the changes that have taken place in the just over 200 years since their expedition.

I am really anxious to read about their travels while I am in the same or nearly the same location as they were.  Maybe I will be able to connect to some energy source floating around out there that is just looking for a viable receptacle in which to deposit itself.

Or maybe it will just be that during my own journey, I will be open to seeing things in many different lights.
Speaking of light… I will be taking my Nikon D70 digital camera along with six or eight lenses, filters flashes, and my tripod.  Way too much weight, but all of it is necessary for me to achieve my goal in the fashion which I am determined to achieve.  I do need to pick up some high capacity SD cards that are compatible with my camera.  I just thought of this need as I am writing…  and am uncertain what is out there but I know I need high quality high speed SD/HC cards of 2-4 gigs each.  I need at least two more cards but four of them would be better and six would be fantastic!

The nice thing is that I can edit out the images I do not want to keep or are not of sufficient quality, and thus make these cards capture all the images I desire.  I will download all my photos onto my laptop, but I will not reformat my cards on the trip as I would like to have the images stored in at least two places; I do not currently have a portable zip drive capable of storing my images.  I could burn them onto CD-ROM, but that is a lot of weight to add and I have already gone overboard on weight.

One nice thing about this all is that I am going completely self-contained, and every day my load will be lighter by a couple of ounces as I eat my supply of food.  This is a very good thing because by the time I reach the high passes of Colorado, I do not want to carry any more weight than is necessary.


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