Posted by: twistsoffeet | February 1, 2011

Positive Writing and Girlfriends

I have decided that I won’t be writing negatively about fashions any more. In fact, no more negative writing at all.

This blog is supposed to be all about a positive experience and it is up to me to make it positive.

In regards to my previous fashion posts, I was a bit harsh; but in all truth I respect anyone who goes out and gets physical. Whether they ride to work or around the block or cross country, or if they go to a gym, go rock climbing, skiing or swimming, they are all doing something they enjoy.  I hope.

They are all doing something to benefit their bodies and hopefully their minds as well.

It really does not matter what fashion statement they make while doing these things; at least they are doing them. And I commend them– even those who are covered with corporate logos.

I finally told my girlfriend about this trip. She is in Ukraine and so I had to tell her while chatting this morning.

She is excited for me but wishes she were able to make this trip with me. I think she is really excited about me losing weight and getting in shape and becoming more healthy. She is one of the reasons it became obvious I must avoid negativity in my writing.

I knew this anyway, but she is a very positive person who is able to turn negative into positive in nearly every situation. I feel that if my writing is negative, it casts a negative light on me and my life… and that would disappoint her. Also she is very fashionable and she designs and sews many of her own clothes and I would hate to have her think I am attacking those who have a sense of fashion just because I am in most cases “fashion challenged.”

Europeans in many cases (such as France and Italy) are very bicycle oriented and bicycle touring, from what I have read, is somewhat common.  However, according to my girlfriend, in the Ukraine it is not as common. My girlfriend tells me it is very dangerous due to the number of vehicles and narrow roads. Also, since there are not many bicyclists, automobile drivers are not certain how to interact with them; therefore, it becomes very dangerous to ride a bike in the Ukraine.  This is a shame because I have been thinking of going over there after I complete the trip I am currently planning.  I would like to tour Ukraine on a bicycle for a month or so.

I have plenty of time to contemplate and plan for such an endeavor. I think it would be fun to ride around my girlfriend’s native country with her and have her introduce me to the cultures of her land. It would also provide me with an opportunity to immerse myself in her culture and gain a greater understanding of another culture, but also a greater understanding of her.

And cultural awareness and understanding is always a good thing.

If I have offended anyone out there with my attacks on bicycle fashion, I ask for your forgiveness.  I really was not attacking the people, just the fashions… but even that was shallow minded on my part and I am usually more tolerant and supportive than that. I do still, however, think it is somewhat ironic that we pay huge sums of money to wear clothing emblazoned with corporate logos and the more logos the more we pay someone to advertise for them.

So I still choose for myself to avoid such logos on my clothing.


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