Posted by: twistsoffeet | February 1, 2011

Fashion Irreverence

I am not a slave to fashion.

In fact, I am really quite irreverent when it comes to fashion.  Do not get me wrong, I really enjoy and have been known to wear custom tailored wool or silk suits that turn heads;  at $2-3K each, they damn well better turn a few heads.  But generally I lead with function; and form has no choice but to follow.

I am posting this as a follow up to my post on spandex because I do not blame the material, I blame fashion and egotism for what I consider shameless displays of anti-fashion.

Okay, what it comes down to is that I refuse to sell out to a clothing manufacturer who posts their logo all over my clothing just so they can make more money… and then I have to pay them to do their advertising.

There some wrong with this picture. The more they advertise and the more money they make, the more they charge me to advertise for them.

This is my stand against the greedy corporate machine.

By the way, if any company wants to pay me obscene amounts of money to betray my convictions and advertise for them, please contact me and lets talk.

I can safely say this because no corporation is going to pay me to advertise for them, but just in case I put it out there.  I would be happy, however, to advertise for some corporation that actually provides functional quality gear that is reasonably priced so that I (and most people I know) can afford to participate comfortably and safely in the lifestyle that brings us joy.

I am neither an idiot nor a fool and I fully understand business and the need to support a business with profit. As an American I actually embrace the concept.

What I do not embrace is greed.

And just because Lance or Alex or George or Taylor or many others tell me that to ride a bike, I must wear this or that, well they can kiss my soft and tenders, even if I respect them tremendously.

I seem to have gotten lost in this post.  The bottle of Chardonnay has certainly helped.  The reason I wrote this is because I came upon a website that definitely gives the finger to corporate greed and sells gear where function actually leads the way.  This site is irreverent and maybe even self deprecating on occasion, but their humor is honest as is the function of their gear.

If you decide to purchase their products and wear their products, you will definitely not get any fashion awards but you will enjoy their humor and get quality products as well as having the opportunity to flip the bird to the fashion police of the bicycle world.


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