Posted by: twistsoffeet | January 28, 2011

Why This?

In making the decision to publish a blog about my next adventure, and this adventure’s prelude or planning stage, I have had to examine myself or more appropriately examine my thoughts and reasons for putting this out in a public domain.

I have read a few blogs where the author wakes in the morning and the whole day is consumed by blogging about putting on makeup, wondering does the author make a right or left turn in the office parking lot, and on what row is that turn made.

Does anybody care?

I do not.

So I have to ask, “Will anybody care what I write and if so why and who are these people who care?”

Next, I have to ask, “How can I make it interesting for them and maybe others who might decide to tune in to this little one-sided dialogue of mine?”

I have to ask myself, “Why do I want to write this?”

Several reasons for writing this come to mind. First, is so that I can communicate with my daughter and other loved ones, as well as friends; I want to keep them apprised of my status and location and such. I also am doing this as a journal of sorts so that at some point I can sit down and read it and remember my journey.

Another reason is that it helps me to plan and organize as well as assists me to see possible difficulties that I may encounter along the way. This helps me by giving me an opportunity to already have a plan or method for dealing with said difficulties.

Still, this whole narcissistic “put myself out there for the world to see because it is all about me thing” is diametrically opposed to how I live my life.

Sure, I am perfectly capable of making the topic of discussion whatever it may be, all about me.  But that is not my general M.O.. I get through things by being confident, capable and flying under the radar. Generally, I choose my battles and stages very carefully.

Hence, this particular episode of my blog serves multiple purposes.

  • I am communicating with and advising my friends and loved ones of my location and status.
  • I am putting my plan on paper to better organize my thoughts and direction.
  • I am saving my thoughts so that sometime in the future I will be able to read them and remember, and
  • I am working on possible actions and results that may arise in the future.

So if you have made it this far and read this whole episode of how my world squirms and think you may just be interested enough to continue listening to my sometimes profound and frequently inane babble… Well. welcome aboard the twistsoffeet express, hope you enjoy what I write; but even if you don’t, it is okay  because I am going to do this anyway.

I will try to keep it interesting as well as on subject. Oh, but please realize that “on subject” can be open for a pretty broad interpretation.

By the way, I promise not to bore you with my daily makeup routine or anything remotely close to that; I may, however, mention from time to time my decision making process in regards to ‘do I make a left turn here and cross the Mississippi at this point so that I get to west Helena, AR or do I go up to say Moline, IL…

This may seem trivial, but the Mississippi is a big river with limited bridges and ferries and these are even more limited in regards to being bicycle friendly.


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