Posted by: twistsoffeet | January 28, 2011

Just Another Obsession

OK, I admit it.

I am just a little obsessive compulsive.

No, I do not count the strokes of my toothbrush on my teeth or arrange my underwear in the drawer in some particularly orderly and always identical fashion. My obsessions and compulsions are my adventures. They are not always there happening in the present of my reality but they are always being thought of and I am always searching for my next adventure.

Once I have decided on an adventure, then it becomes an obsession.

Welcome to my current obsession: riding my bicycle cross country.

From central Florida I’ll ride north to up close to Canada, then swing south and west through Iowa, where I’ll visit family. After Iowa, I will head northwest through South Dakota for a while before I go southwest again and head for western Wyoming, where I can climb some familiar rocks visit friends and eat wild game. After that, I will head southeast and ride down to Denver where I will visit my daughter and parents as well as friends– none of whom I have seen for 3 1/2 years.

I will do this solo and will camp in my tent the whole way. I have estimated this leg of my trip will be 2800 miles. All of this will be on a bicycle pulling a small trailer. I will be 95% self contained including food, freeze dried and lots of protein shakes. Water will have to be obtained daily on the road, but other than the occasional restaurant meal, I will carry everything with me from the start.

I would like to be able to carry less food and just shop along the way, but I do not want to leave my bike and all my supplies out of sight while I shop.  Also, just so everyone knows from the start I am a huge fan of dietary supplements.

Protein shakes, pre-workout energy drinks, endurance supplements, post workout and recovery drinks along with quality multivitamin and mineral supplements are, in my mind, modern miracles. Now, I do not advocate to anyone that they just believe all the hype and run to their nearest supplement store and buy everything that sounds like it may just be the miracle they are looking for, but I do advocate that if you are interested in supplements, then do your research.

By “do your research,” I do not mean read the newspaper to find the newest super supplement. I mean get online or go to the library and read test research, do read the advertisements, but then verify on your own through research just how valid the claims are. Find a source for information that you trust and then use that information to make informed decisions about your supplements. And by all means, pay close attention to servings and do not think that if the manufacturer says this much will do this then twice as much will be better.

Come on… use your head and do this safely.


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