Posted by: twistsoffeet | April 6, 2010

Yes Billy, Bigfoot DOES Exist!

Now some who read this may say it is just the rambling of an imaginative pre-teen male who had read too many Dracula and Wolf Man stories.

This is how I have always remembered the story, and insist it happened just as I tell it now.

I believe I was about twelve years old when I went camping with my older brother, older cousin, and my brother’s best friend. We were camping along a river in the area between Pawnee and Grant, Colorado.

Forty years ago, this area was still a wild area; not a true wilderness, but largely uninhabited. We had set up camp on one side of the river and fished all day. During the course of the days, while fishing, my three older (seventeen year old) companions discovered a couple of approximately girls of about the same age, camping on the other side of the river. Well… boys being boys, they decided to leave me at our camp alone while they walked the half mile to the bridge, crossed the river, and then walked a couple of hundred yards back up stream to visit the girls. Now, this did not bother me, as being barely pubescent myself, I had no interest in going to visit girls.

Also I had been camping all of my life and backpacking with my brother’s scout troop since I was about eight or nine years old, and so therefore I was completely comfortable being alone in the mountains.

My brother and the others had been gone for an hour or so, and it was dark, but I had a campfire going and also a lantern hanging high in a tree. For some reason, I went into our tent– a large six person cabin tent that I could easily stand up in. Suddenly, two shadows, one cast by the light of the campfire and the other by the light of the lantern, curled around and over the tent.

Now, I know shadows are rarely distinct forms.  They distort size and shape and outline, but this shadow was huge!! It wrapped up and over the top of this six foot high tent!!

It also had indistinct edges, as though being cast by a furry creature, and the shape of whatever it was that cast this shadow was not man or bear. I started screaming hysterically, terrified of the monster that I was certain was about to devour me. My companions had begun their return to our camp when they heard me scream and ran as quickly as they could to my aid, not having the slightest idea why I was screaming. When they arrived, I eventually calmed down enough to tell them what had happened. The older boys promptly began searching for whatever it was that had frightened me.

Now my older cousin, being the prankster he was, decided to heighten the excitement level, as if it wasn’t already high enough. He went out searching along the river when he suddenly let out a scream– then a moment later a large splash was heard. Everybody began calling out my cousin’s name, but he did not answer. We searched for about an hour as I remember– but it was probably more like ten to fifteen minutes– when my cousin wandered back into camp.  He was white as a ghost and said something had attacked him. We were all very concerned when my cousin started laughing and admitted he was faking it all and nothing had attacked him.

Believe me, I have thought about this event many times since then, and have even tried to replicate what happened– all to no avail. I am absolutely convinced that something man-like, but neither man nor bear exists out there somewhere.

I now believe it is not dangerous and has no intention of harming me or anyone else, but yet it is out there just trying to live its life without interference from mankind.


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