Posted by: twistsoffeet | April 2, 2010

Lola and Me

When I first met Lola, her love interest was my friend Adam.

Adam was a bartender at my favorite watering hole on Vieques, and when Adam was working, Lola was always there to be found.

She had a sweet innocent smile, sultry brown eyes and a heart of gold. Lola was never truly faithful to anyone and everyone when she was on the prowl, she had this wiggle in her hips and a gleam in her eye that said she was looking for some strange new admirer, but also a strength that said she would be the one that did the choosing. Many tried but few were accepted.

Lola was a street girl, she lived how she wanted and no one dictated terms to her. She was not interested in fancy jewelry, although at times she did display a certain fashion sense. She was athletic and walked or ran everywhere she went.  She had no interest in a fancy car or stereo blasting reggaeton music, yet she was frequently to be found at the full moon parties that would happen on different beaches on the island

Lola, by the way, is a sato– what we would call a mutt in the states. I am pretty certain she was part Staffordshire terrier (pit bull) but beyond that, who knows. She had been spayed but I think she always dreamed of being a mother, because she was very protective of all the puppies she came into contact with– and I believe there were many. Her first “owner” abandoned her when he left the island, and though she went through a number of short term affairs after that, no one could really hold her attention.

That is, until Adam came into her life. Some say she only loved Adam because she ate gourmet meals provided by him and fixed especially for her by the chef of the restaurant, and believe me all the chefs this restaurant had were good, some were exceptional. I chose to believe that the two of them were kindred spirits, because they each had their own lives but they were also always there for each other.

Then, one day Adam got a girlfriend and moved to pilon to live with her. Lola would not get in a car for anyone, including Adam.  So they parted ways, kind of. That is when Lola adopted me.

She started following me everywhere. She would sleep on my porch, but did not really like to be inside my home for long.  I did cook for her. but I was unable to provide the type of meal she was accustomed to, so she still visit Adam at the restaurant and then come home to me.

When Hurricane Ike came through. Lola knew something big was up and she decided to stay in my home, that is, until she scratched at the door. I thought she just needed to go do her business, but she disappeared. I went and looked for her, but was unable to find her. I was worried, but I also knew that she was able to care for herself.

Then, I heard a bark at my front door.  Yep, it was Lola, but she wasn’t alone.  She had half a dozen of her street urchin friends with her. She had been so worried about them she went around town looking for them, knowing the would be safe inside my home. She gave me this sultry little look that was just a little bit like a kid at a pet shop saying, “Please dad can we take them home– at least for tonight?” How could I resist?

Lola became ill shortly after that. She had heart worm. But, Adam came to the rescue.  He coughed about $750.00 (in the states it would have been $3000.00) for her treatment and Lola was finally coerced into a vehicle.  Heart worm treatment is very dangerous, and frequently the animal does not live through it.

But Lola was a survivor. Adam brought her to town about four days before I left the island.  She saw me from about a block away, and picked up speed a little, but even that was very slow as she was just off of her death bed. She put that little wiggle in her hips, although not quite as accentuated as before. She smile at me and licked me, something she had never done before. I petted her and hugged her and very much enjoyed seeing her safe and healthy and happy.

I miss Lola very much!  She was my friend.

Tomorrow I will tell you about my friend the mayor of the malecon.


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